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The Pomegranate

The Pomegranate

The pomegranate is a reddish-yellow fruit native to semitropical Asia. Slightly larger than an orange, it has a tough rind, juicy pulp, and many seeds. 115 more words

Photographic cholesterol test

24 AUG 2012

A noninvasive approach to total cholesterol determination

Researchers in India have developed a total cholesterol test that uses a digital camera to take a snapshot of the back of the patient’s hand rather than a blood sample. 358 more words

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Study: Oxidized LDL might actually be ‘good guy’

– “Based on our analysis, we were surprised to find that, instead of increasing the amount of cholesterol uptake and accumulation in the macrophage foam cells, mildly oxidized LDL almost completely prevents increases in cholesterol,” Dr. 60 more words

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Study: Oxidized LDL might actually be 'good guy'

LEXINGTON, Ky (Sept. 4, 2014) — A team of investigators at the University of Kentucky has made a thought-provoking discovery about a type of cholesterol previously believed to be a “bad guy” in the development of heart disease and other conditions. 354 more words

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Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise

Barcelona, Spain – Sunday 31 August 2014: Wine only protects against cardiovascular disease (CVD) in people who exercise, according to results from the In Vino Veritas (IVV) study presented at ESC Congress today by Professor Milos Taborsky from the Czech Republic. 821 more words

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Dealing with Belly Fat?

Confused about LDL, HDL, and heart disease risk factors?   Check out this excellent explanation of lipoprotein biochemistry and why we should be concerned more about central obesity than obesity in general. 69 more words



Weekends of summer are for chilling with friends or family, no more elaborate cooking or spending hours in the kitchen. Every one wants to be relaxed and have fun, Ice lolly or Popsicles are super cool summer treats. 152 more words