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Keeping my AudioVisual Businesss Green

When we think of #sustainability, being green, the environment, alternative energy, alternative fuel, energy consumption, environmental design and so on…we rarely think of #audiovisual equipment.  I used to think it was ignorant (lack of knowledge) for people to take a stand on the environment and conservation, but not cry out in disapproval of constant use of equipment that is diametrically in opposition.  244 more words

Feeling burnt out

I’ve been feeling burnt out lately. My day job has been busy and stressful, which caused me to not take the time off I knew my body and mind needed and then WHAM-O, I got hit with a cold that’s still hanging around. 52 more words

"Aggressive" Breeds?

“Aggression is not a breed thing. It’s a state of mind, and it comes from how the human is with the dog. There are four levels of energy, regardless of the breed: low, medium, high, very high. 18 more words




Dit las ik op hun website:

Rewind is waar ecologie en esthetiek samenkomen. We brengen een totaalconcept rond ecodesign met de nadruk op hergebruik. Meubels, interieur, verlichting, accessoires, textiel, literatuur en kunst komen aan bod. 755 more words


Possible New Digs + New Lease on Life

I just applied for a co-op unit in a community housing building in a wicked neighbourhood aka my old stomping grounds.  The rent is steepish for a bachelor ($958) but that’s a given in the city.   177 more words

Low Energy

Tiredness explained. Sadness remains.

So I got back my blood work and apparently I’m on the low end of normal (knew THAT already) – but the doctor meant in terms of my thyroid functioning properly.   253 more words

Low Energy