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Amazing PCOS Testimony!

BIG UPDATE! I have now been on the amazing Plexus products for over a year. And what a year it has been! Here comes a PCOS success story for you…. 369 more words

6 Wks Nutritional Program - Get started Today

6 Weeks Program Includes:

- Full nutritional Assessment.
- Weekly Report with weekly meal plans.
- Customized plans ( No two individual are the same) 132 more words

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Are You a Napper? Do You Feel Guilty? 3 Reasons Why Napping is Good for You, Counseling Glendora, CA

Do you find yourself exhausted come mid afternoon? Most people do. That’s when productivity lessens and your mood changes. Many times the caffeine that got you through the morning is doing just the opposite by now and making you feel more tired. 200 more words

Digestion...The Journey Continues!

Hello and happy hump day:)

Click on the link to my youtube channel below to hear me chat and deliver to YOU even more tips of Simplicity when it comes to your belly, digestion, bloating, weight gain, weight loss and what you need to do to start feeling lighter in your gut, regular in your butt and more energized!! 95 more words


Life Long Vitality....essential supplements for total wellness

When I first began my own personal journey with essential oils and doTERRA, the one thing that I was turned off by originally was the thought that this company I LOVED for their oils, dared to carry a supplement line!   802 more words

I'm Sick. Maybe the Gods are Punishing Me?

So right now I am a little bit nervous as to my general health. I have a very bad flu, that results in me having a sore throat and runny nose and no energy, AND I have an ear ache, AND I might be getting pink eye. 199 more words

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Day 270: A body pump too far?

Well…not too far as such…but it was hard work!

After the weekend’s escapades I was left with quite a lot of achiness…especially around the legs. I don’t know whether it was the DVD, the resistance training lessons or the run, or a combination of the lot, but I was definitely left with some form of residual… 223 more words