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Jobseeker Sanction Advice

Posting this because people may find it useful

Link to the site here:-   http://jobseekersanctionadvice.com/

Jobseeker Sanction Advice Home Page

Hello and welcome to the website of the J.S.S.A. 1,129 more words

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    This looks to be very useful - and interesting to see they give Jobseeker Agreement advice too... bad Agreements can set you up for sanctions if you're not careful.

Low Pay is Not Okay

In recent months we’ve been seeing quite an outcry about the horrific state of the federal minimum wage in this country, particularly among workers in the fast food industry who have been rallying on Facebook and Twitter under the slogan “Low Pay is Not OK” and often creating memes showing a young person holding a handwritten sign saying someting like “I Can’t pay Rent on $7.50 an Hour.” 369 more words


Criticising Government Policy Online Is "Unacceptable Intimidation" According To Treasury

As pointed out by @refuted, the Treasury’s claim that a recent anti-workfare social media storm was “unacceptable intimidation” comes just days after an Upper Tribunal judge endorsed this kind of criticism as… 626 more words


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Cant help thinking this might be a pivotal moment. Mass demonstrations on the streets might be ignored by the media and government, but online action against at least some employers is now seen to be effective.

The way ahead ?

Hypocrite David Cameron wants to stop working people fighting for their rights

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Digital by default, that’s what the CONDEMS keep telling us! That’s why they shut ALL 240 HMRC walk in enquiry centres because taxpayers can go on the internet to get their problem sorted. 587 more words

Shameless - Workfare Exploiting Charities Slam The Benefit Sanctions They Are Responsible For

In an act of breath-taking hypocrisy, the Salvation Army, along with the YMCA, have both signed a letter to The Times calling the current benefit sanctioning regime unfair and counter-productive. 319 more words

Welfare Reform

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    First the Lib Dems pretending they didn't really like the Bedroom tax, now this. What next ? Iain Duncan Smith proposing benefit increases ?

Fast food workers strike in the US, but who will unionise the UK's chippies?

By Jane Holgate, CERIC, University of Leeds

Low-waged workers in small workplaces are, statistically, the least likely to go on strike. They are unlikely to be unionised, are under close supervision from the boss and are easily replaceable. 1,094 more words