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Day 7

One week ago tonight we had a heart to heart and broke it off.

Today I was suicidal. I texted a friend as soon as I got to work. 2,133 more words


Elle not as planned.....

So I came away for a weekend of peace. Relaxation, sleep, a walk on the beach, time to sit still and be happy that I have nothing to do. 470 more words

New Relationships

Erica Fae's story

Erica describes her battle with grade school bullying  depression and the aftermath of a rape she encountered in her second year of college.


Recovering from Depression? Help a Friend.

I am recovering from depression. What I mean by this is that my chronic depression is well managed and provided I stay on my medication, I will remain in recovery. 370 more words


Dressing rooms are just the worst

My god, dressing rooms suck. I went to buy some jeans yesterday and was given this tiny ass room with absolutely no where to hide from the mirrors. 150 more words

The story of the Chakras continues.... Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus Chakra. I created the girl above because for me, she represents the sunshine, happiness and confidence of this chakra.

The Solar plexus is just above the belly button but below the diaphragm, it’s colour is yellow and it is associated with the element of fire. 829 more words


Why 'should' and 'must' can damage your health

How many times did you use the word ‘should’ today? Fifty? A hundred? How about ‘must’, ‘ought to’, or ‘have to’? I’m guessing you, like most of us, use these words many times a day. 425 more words

Cognitive Therapy