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Fuck a jealous hearted woman.

I cain’t stand a jealous hearted woman. A friend off mine is sick and sometimes needs a little help. She has alot stuff going wrong with her, from her health and finances, to her children and also her mother, nephew and husband just recently passed. 264 more words

The Truth


First, I want to thank all my friends and fans who commented on my yesterday’s post that was dedicated to my beautiful angel on her birthday and who wished her a happy birthday on my behalf. 1,280 more words


Self esteem

So yeah youre dealing with low self esteem, or no self esteem at all?

dont worry, youre not alone, there are tons ans tons of people about there worrying about the exact same thing, even I do sometimes😊 273 more words

Arrest Mr. Al Sharpton on the Rico Act for Inflaming Black Lawlessness @FoxNews

~R.OliverLuce | 08-21-14

Arrest of Mr. Al Sharpton for blatant conspiracy, inflaming attitudes against the rule of law and fair trial whether it goes against our wishes or not. 287 more words

Political Action

Limited by self esteem

Here’s how to recognise if you have low self esteem:

  • You often think you are “unworthy” or “don’t deserve it”
  • You find saying NO virtually impossible!
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Developing Self Esteem And Self Confidence

The Beginning of Taking Responsibility

I’ve been dealing with food addiction for over 40 years. It used to be  so tied in with my low self esteem and poor self image that it could only allow me to look some version of me being perfect to  even be OK. 352 more words

Feelings And Emotions

A look into my past part 9: Magnet for drama

Before I get into my experiences with holistic healing and how it has helped me, I thought it would be best to let you see my past of who I was. 2,996 more words