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And I feel… great.

It’s a weird feeling being right smack dab in the middle of the TWW and being so calm. It is kind of a blessing that I have given up hope so early this time (basically from the moment the nurse read my husbands numbers to me before the IUI). 276 more words


And the emotional rollercoaster continues...

Seriously. I am so completely shocked and pissed off right now. I just got back from IUI #2 and have lost ALL hope already.

Here I sat all morning, excited because I was having some cramping/pain in the right side of my uterus and I thought “Wow! 190 more words


Infertility makes you crazy

Infertility makes you crazy
I’m sure this must be so
I say this as I’m staring down at myself just willing my belly to grow… 325 more words

What is Low Sperm count and sperm Motility?

What is Low Sperm count

Every male person will be in shocked if told that his semen does not contain any sperm at all. There are men whose semen if one looks at it is normal but when seen on microscope would contain zero sperm. 282 more words

How Your Cell Phone Might Be Hurting Your Sperm...

By Anna Almendrala, annaa@huffingtonpost.com

Men may want to reconsider how closely they store their mobile phone to the family jewels.

A meta-analysis of ten past studies, led by researchers at University of Exeter, U.K., found a small but consistent drop in sperm quality if the men (or their, uh, samples) had been exposed to mobile phone radiation. 698 more words

Cellphones, iPads and other tablets are carcinogenic. Why are we ignoring the research?

by Tanya Farber

(first published in the Cape Times)

Raditaion from cellphones and wireless devices is a probable carcinogen – a substance that can cause cancer. 569 more words

Brave face...

When I look at blogs, forums, websites, of other people suffering with fertility issues, what still surprises me time and time again is everyone’s strength and resilience. 308 more words