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Guest Post: Public Sector Unions -- Some History and Economics

Andrew Strom is Associate General Counsel of SEIU Local 32BJ.  This post is the next in a series of responses to Dmitri Mehlhorn’s Daily Beast… 725 more words

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Low-Wage Workers of the World, Unite!

On May 15, 2014, a worldwide strike of McDonald’s workers involved workers in at least 33 countries, both imperialist and oppressed.

While participation in the strike varied, and most workers who participated were out for only an hour or so, this was a historic event all the same. 677 more words


Here's where a minimum wage hike would do the most good

Earlier this month, Vermont increased its minimum wage to $10.50 – the highest in the nation and the first statewide rate to exceed the $10.10 hourly rate advocated by President Barack Obama. 1,079 more words


Airport workers, disability-rights advocates join in push for higher wages

A demonstration in support of low-wage workers who assist Delta Air Lines’ operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport began at today’s meeting of the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) and spilled into the roadway outside Terminal 1’s ticketing area, forcing lane closures and resulting in 13 arrests. 685 more words

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Here's Why Amazon Is More Ruthless Than Walmart

The recent dustup between Amazon and publisher Hachette reminds us that retail is a brutal business — tough on employees, really hard on suppliers. Walmart, the largest physical retailer, and Amazon, the largest retailer online, illustrate the pain produced in the effort to make consumers’ prices as low as possible. 622 more words

Seattle City Council Committee Approves $15 Minimum Wage

A Seattle City Council committee unanimously voted today to pass the Mayor’s proposal for a $15 minimum wage.  The ordinance passed out of committee will phase in the minimum wage over the next three to seven years.  382 more words

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