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Enhancement Ideas for Lowe's Iris Contest!

To help encourage readers to subscribe to this blog or follow my tweet. I’ve decided to startup a contest to find out what you think will make Lowe’s Iris better. 200 more words


Did the Heartbeed bug effect Iris website?

So with all these news going around about the Heartbleed bug regarding SSL certification. I wanted to know how secure was irissmarthome.com.

So here’s what I’ve found when I used… 178 more words


ALYT offers a smart home hub jam-packed with sensors

If the current generation of connected home hubs aren’t enough for you, then check out the Indiegogo campaign for ALYT (pronounced alight), which offers a slew of radios including Bluetooth and cellular for $149 or $179 depending on when you order. 410 more words


Iris account access rights

For those who doesn’t know, here are the current Iris account levels.

Account holder: This is the owner of the Iris system and has access to everything. 245 more words


Some product updates for Iris

MyEyesOnIris.com had posted two new products are listed on Lowes.com but can’t be purchased yet.

First is the “Orbit Iris Hose Faucet Water Timer… 501 more words


Iris Hub Update Version 4.00r25

A new update for the Iris hub has been released today for version 4.00r25.

If you haven’t already logged into the web portal you’ll notice the following message on… 271 more words


Iris smart meter link

It looks like a new product is getting ready soon. Below is the description listed from Lowe’s own website but currently none is available.