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Changing the Loyalty Landscape

Take a quick look into your wallet. How many loyalty cards are stored in there?
The answer is too many. 

In a world where every retailer wants to be your best friend, consumers are overwhelmed with points, cards, and rewards.

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Sephora In Sydney

Dear Summerspirit ladies,

Have you heard the amazing news?!

Sephora is opening in the heart of Pitt street. One of the biggest makeup chains around the world will be opening in Sydney on December the 5th, all the brands at great prices. 43 more words


Morrison’s have recently announced the launch of their new Customer loyalty card. This has come in due to a slide in their profits and also as a reaction to the rising market share adopted by the German supermarkets Aldi and Lidl. 644 more words


Best Loyalty Cards to Own

Next time you are in a store, probably in a bit of a hurry (because let’s face it, all inconvenient things happen when you’re in a rush) and the sales assistant asks “Would you like to sign up for a loyalty card?” try to take a moment to do it. 440 more words


Be a 24k Card Holder now!

Another first of its kind in the industry, the 24k Rewards Program is our loyalty rewards program.It currently has more than five million active and loyal members. 86 more words


The Loyalty of Fleet

There is no doubt that customer loyalty is at a premium right now. Everywhere you look, there are schemes created to engage with consumers and lock in their loyalty. 331 more words

Fleet Card