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And Then I Received My Results... What I Wish I Knew While Waiting

So, I received my NCE results about a week ago. I found out that I was able to check online which was nice but it only gave you a Passed or Not Passed result and not the numbers behind how you actually did. 732 more words


LPC Dreamin'

So you know that song, California Dreaming by the Mama’s and Papa’s? Of course you do, it’s a classic.

I was cooking in the kitchen the other day, listening to just a random shuffle, and it came on. 344 more words


#Geocaching Warrenton - 2

Last time, I wrote about finding a medium sized lock n lock cache in the nature area behind grandson Garrett’s housing development. Well, we weren’t through for the day. 499 more words


The Christmas Catchup

SO I’m finally home! It’s great to be back, but before I blog about my time here, I think I need to catchup on the past few weeks at LPC. 1,222 more words


Details of House of Commons harassment policy released

A new harassment policy has been unveiled to cover MPs’ conduct with their employees, both on Parliament Hill and any place where “inappropriate behaviour … might reasonably be perceived” to affect working relationships. 583 more words


NYC Landmarks Brouhaha Spotlights Forgotten Sites

IN A MOVE THAT COMES AS A GREAT RELIEF to those who care about New York City’s historic architecture, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has reversed its recent decision to drop nearly 100 properties from its calendar, where many had languished for five years or more. 265 more words


Wait Just a Minute! Landmarks Preservation Commission Reconsiders Purge

After public outcry over a controversial proposal to remove nearly 100 potential landmarks from its consideration, the Landmarks Preservation Commission has decided to reconsider. Or at least, consider further.  579 more words