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Finale pre finala u LS veceras!

Finale pre finala.Ovi velikani su prvaci evrope bili cak 14 puta.Da li ce Real Madrid uspeti da i 10. put se okiti evropskim trofejom.Ostaje da vidimo da li ce prebroditi prvu vecu prepreku a to je Bajern Mihen. 141 more words


Fix Your Stinky Coochie or Malodorous Pussoise

I’ll never forget, as much as I wish I could, when we were relatively new to  funogamy and I got ready to go down on a girl, only to find that there was a horrible stench down there! 244 more words

Funogamy Hygiene

Hygiene and Preparation Tips for Funogamist Chics

  1. Make sure your legs, bikini area (all the way around to the anal area), and underarms are hair-free and smooth. Landing strip is okay.
  2. Wax or thread your eyebrows and any other facial hair.
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Funogamy Hygiene

Hair and Depilation

Many swingers prefer a smooth, hair-free surface, but well-manicured landing strips are  acceptable.


If you’re waxing, be sure that you just wax, don’t mix waxing and shaving because you won’t get the benefit of it. 287 more words

Funogamy Hygiene

Hygiene and Preparation Tips: Breath

I hate to have to have this conversation, but it’s better than smelling your bad breath—what a turn-off!

  1. Use a tongue scraper every night.
  2. Brush, floss, and use mouthwash every morning and night.
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Funogamy Hygiene

3/18 - Nodding Discussion

My group did the extension activity for this reading. We had the class main chains with paper strips according to their privileges and their set-backs. Our activity was very personal, and we did get some feedback comments that expressed concern about that. 67 more words

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