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unix file times


  • when the file was last changed.
  • To view:
    # ls -lc


  • when the file was last accessed (e.g. cat/open).
  • To view: …
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View source for standard Linux commands e.g. cat, ls, cd

I would like to view the source code for a Linux command to see what is actually going on inside each command. When I attempt to open the commands in /bin in a text/hex editor, I get a bunch of garbage. 89 more words


I passed my Hazards

I mentioned a while ago that I’m still on my Learners, but today I finally took my hazard perception test, it’s pretty easy, it is best to study first though, all it is, is its a computer based test and you just have to click on the mouse when you think its the safest way to slow down, give way, u-turn etc. 88 more words


Online Journalism, lesson number one: to set up a new blog

The first lesson about ‘Online Journalism’ took place at the London School of Journalism on 1st October with the tutor, Chris Wheal, a well-known journalist, editor and trainer. 148 more words

Chris Wheal

Understanding files in Unix!

Finally getting a hang of Unix! In continuation of my exploration into file systems, today I would like to discuss few introductory level stuff that I learned about the UNIX file system. 890 more words

File Abstraction

Lexus LS On VFS1 By Vossen Wheels

Lexus LS On VFS1 By Vossen Wheels …

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Hide. There's a car coming

So I’m going to preface this with saying I’m still on my Loser plates.

Yesterday night I was just calmly driving along a 70km/hr road (which is apparently 43.5 mph for you ‘Murican viewers) and instead of using the traffic lights these two pedestrians decided to jaywalk. 360 more words