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Upcoming LSE lectures Sept/Oct 2014

Hi all! Just a quick post to give more information about the lectures that people showed interest in at the Monday meeting. 316 more words

Society Events

Improving greenhouse gas emission estimates from livestock in smallholder farming systems

Agriculture in Kenya is a key economic sector, contributing 24% to the GDP and 70% to the creation employment. Approximately 60% of the country’s agriculture sector is comprised of small-scale farms that are often highly heterogenous in cropping, fertiliser, livestock, and manure management strategies. 148 more words


London - September 2014

So it has been several days since I am here in London and.. I still can’t believe it. The thing is that in September the weather in England is just  532 more words


First thoughts for thesis

Just reading about the history of regulation, with influences from Tudor and Stuart periods, the thought of a comparison of how regulations have altered with the independent variable being generations is a perplexing area to research around. 39 more words

The importance of regulation.

The reading has begun. I’m only a couple of pages into “Understanding regulation: theory, strategy and practise” (Robert Baldwin and Martin Cave), but already I am being reminded of the essential impediment regulation plays in ensuring the facilitation of daily life through basic restrictions and regulations. 109 more words

It's going to work out, I think

Argolwhwkenebeiuebekelwlwkhb. That was a hint to the levels of freaking out I have been doing in the past 24 hours. However I decided to be a little wiser and begin my preliminary readings, which reminded me why I am doing this Masters programme. 39 more words

Gender differences in household food security and implications for climate change adaptation in East Africa

The need for farmers to adapt to a changing climate to improve their food security has been emphasized in much of the developing world, including in East Africa, where agriculture and food security are inextricably linked. 204 more words