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Global pig and hunger maps published on Vox.com

‘Timothy Robinson and his co-authors put together a series of maps showing the global distribution of various widely eaten animals. This map shows where the world’s pigs live, and makes the point that the taste for delicious pork varies widely around the world. 300 more words


Trollope solves global financial crisis

Listen to BBC Radio 4 at 1:45pm today to find out how.

Writer Lucy Mangan selects five different economic remedies from literature. Today, she looks inside The Last Chronicle of Barset by Trollope. 43 more words

Wildlife populations are declining dramatically in Kenya's Kajiado County

Wildlife and livestock still share the rangelands of Kitengela, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann).

‘Wildlife populations are declining severely in many protected areas and unprotected pastoral areas of Africa, researchers from leading universities and international research institutes said. 300 more words


"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, he turned into a butterfly." ~Proverb

Have you ever had a moment that just felt so surreal? Like you floated out of your body and you just watched yourself from above? Well I had this moment nearly three weeks ago when I got my A-Level results. 245 more words

Stock Market: Primary & Secondary

Primary Stock Markets are markets in which a company sells its shares directly to the investor. Example: In the event of an IPO or Initial Public Offering (When the Company first goes public). 61 more words

Stock Market Basics

Intellectuals, the academy and Pallo Jordan

Pallo Jordan, former minister in two ANC governments and regarded as perhaps the leading intellectual in South Africa’s governing party, has habitually been referred to as Dr Jordan. 1,594 more words

General Reporting

Smallholder livestock production and greenhouse gases: getting the bigger picture in assessing the estimates

In mixed smallholder systems, which integrate crop growing with livestock raising and which are ubiquitous throughout the developing world, livestock are often kept not only to produce milk or meat, but also to produce manure for fertilizing croplands, to pull ploughs and are also considered as major capital assets. 496 more words