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Social の調査:Twitter と MIT Media Lab の コラボ が、膨大なソーシャル・ストリームを分析していく

Social Media: Dissecting and Analyzing the Complete Twitter Stream
By Dick Weisinger – Nov 6, 2014

Twitter has announced that it is funding a Laboratory for Social Machines (LSM) at MIT initially with $10 million.  LSM will run as a five-year project that is dedicated to analyzing a complete archive of Twitter content, including every tweet ever made, dating all the way back to the first one sent by Jack Dorsey. 199 more words


Report Out: Astoria, Just Over the River

It’s been quite some time, but I am back & don’t you worry I have so much more to give you all! Now let me get back to two delicious finding I found this last spring in good ole’ Astoria, Queens. 303 more words

Lazy Sunday Moda

Twitter Invests $10M in Establishing the Laboratory for Social Machine at MIT

The astronomical diversity of Twitter users and topics never ceases to expand and amaze. Everyone and their neighbor from #anthropologists to #zoologists and countless others post approximately 500 million Tweets each day. 430 more words

Subway Fold

Reporter Spills the Beans: All News is Fake

Now here is an RT news story that many of us have felt was long overdue.
Journalist/Author Dr. Udo Ulfkotte tells his version of the truth about mainstream media. Enjoy! -LW

Twitter Gets Schooled at MIT; Warren Buffet, Car Salesman?!; Hooray for Shorter Lines at the Unemployment Office


MIT got a nice little gift from Twitter recently. Well, maybe little isn’t the right word for the $10 million dollars that the social media company is giving to one of the world’s most important academic institutions. 399 more words