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How to install newest version of hledger web in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

rm -rf ~/.ghc ~/.cabal
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y software-properties-common
sudo apt-get purge  ghc cabal-install
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:hvr/ghc
sudo apt-get update
CABALFILENAME=`apt-cache search cabal-install |tail -n 1|cut -d" " -f1`
CABALVERSION=`apt-cache search cabal-install |tail -n 1|cut -d" " -f1|cut -d"-" -f3`
GHCFILENAME=`apt-cache search ^ghc|tail -4|head -n 1|cut -d" " -f1`
GHCVERSION=`apt-cache search ^ghc|tail -4|head -n 1|cut -d" " -f1|cut -d"-" -f2`
sudo apt-get install -y `echo $CABALFILENAME`  `echo $GHCFILENAME`
cat >> ~/.bashrc <<EOF
export PATH=~/.cabal/bin:/opt/cabal/`echo $CABALVERSION`/bin:/opt/ghc/`echo $GHCVERSION`/bin:$PATH
export PATH=~/.cabal/bin:/opt/cabal/`echo $CABALVERSION`/bin:/opt/ghc/`echo $GHCVERSION`/bin:$PATH
cabal update
cabal install alex happy… 23 more words

How to install newest version of elvis vi-clone in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

# Procedure to install newest version of elvis vi-clone in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
 # Please copy-paste each command below one by one into the Terminal:
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install git checkinstall libprima-perl gsfonts-x11
 sudo apt-get install xfonts-100dpi xfonts-75dpi xfonts-100dpi-transcoded xfonts-75dpi-transcoded
 git clone https://github.com/mbert/elvis.git
 cd elvis
 sudo make clean
 sudo ./configure
 sudo make
 sudo checkinstall
 apt-cache show elvis
 dpkg-query -L elvis
 sudo gedit /usr/share/elvis/elvis.ini
 # Using the gedit editor, replace the following configuration lines in /usr/share/elvis/elvis.ini:
 if gui == "x11"
 then {
 if font == "" && xrootwidth >= 1024
 then {
 set! 143 more words

How to install newest version of teamviewer in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit using a bash script

# install Teamviewer server + client which depends on wine1.6
cd /tmp
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes purge teamviewer9
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes purge teamviewer8
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes purge teamviewer
sudo rm -rf /opt/teamviewer*
rm *.deb
wget https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx
wget `grep deb linux.aspx |grep i386|cut -d"\"" -f6`
sudo dpkg -i teamviewer*.deb
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get --yes --force-yes -f install
# teamviewer autostart fix procedure - add configuration lines below to /etc/rc.local
sudo -k teamviewer --daemon start
cd /opt/teamviewer/tv_bin/script
sudo cp teamviewerd.sysv /etc/init.d/
sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/teamviewerd.sysv
sudo update-rc.d teamviewerd.sysv defaults
# !!!!!! 20 more words

Letters to Suchitra - Teaching at btech level

Dear Suchitra,

Ever since my btech days I wanted to take up a teaching career. My initial approach to teaching was to faithfully reproduce what is there in the text book. 158 more words


Happy It's Thursday

So it’s finally Thursday. Ever since finding out I got the job at LTS last week it has felt like the days leading up to my first shift tomorrow it being Friday has taken forever to get to. 456 more words

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IRR @ Current Pricing

Lightstream Resource (TSX: LTS) is known to many with its high leverage. But it is also one of the operators that has relatively high netback. 226 more words

Oil And Gas Investing


So before I go full tilt into the amazing news I want to set it up. I first went to this store back when it was named Tall Girl. 770 more words

Everyday Life