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Portfolio Loans against Rentals/ Assets!

A portfolio loan is perfect for the investor whom has tied up too much cash in paying for a home & now wants up to 70% of the value back in the form of cash! 86 more words

Some Major "Don't's when Buying a Home

When taking on a mortgage, be ready to watch your budget more than ever. It can be easy getting overwhelmed with other debt. However, when one begins the pre-qualification process, one should avoid opening new credit cards, buying new cars with monthly installments, making large purchases on credit, and formal or informal borrowing of money because such instances will raise their DTI.   125 more words


I put up some new photo’s but now would ask that you go to facebook to see them.  If for some reason you don’t want to use facebook leave a comment and we can put them up here also. 8 more words


St. Patrick’s Day, Uber, and LTV

St. Patrick’s Day

This past St. Patrick’s Day, I was enjoying a pint at a South Boston drinking establishment when a couple of patrons began passing out Uber promotion cards. 568 more words

Customer Lifetime Value

Do you know if your Cost to Acquire a Customer is >=< to your Customer Lifetime Value ?

Many clients ask where they should invest the majority of their marketing dollars – in acquisition efforts or retention programs.  Although there are business stats from different resources claiming retention can yield a much higher return than acquisition, there is no “standard” answer or correct approach.  628 more words



Hi everyone:

We are going ahead with our plans and still trying to get intouch with every one.  So if you know anyone that would like to come make sure you tell them about it.   72 more words