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Mobile advertisers: CPI campaigns represent a tradeoff between risk and volume

Finding the most viable, cost-efficient way to acquire loyal users is the holy grail for mobile publishers and advertisers. The question of whether campaigns should be run on a cost-per-install (CPI), cost-per-click (CPC), or cost-per-mille (CPM) basis is a source of confusion in the press and industry as a whole. 960 more words


Finding New Customers Online (Part 1)

Except for a new brand looking for repeat buyers, most online retailers want new customers.  As a consumer, this can be frustrating since for people wo are loyal to specific brands and/or retailers, they know they are not as valued as a new people are.  629 more words

Online Retail Marketing

Lifetime Value Part 22: The need to take a long-term view

A key to predicting and effectively using customer lifetime value (LTV) is to take a long-term view of your data and not just rely on the first month or even first few days. 781 more words


Weekend prototype: open-source GameAnalytics mobile panel on Swift

I always wondered why high-tech super smart analytics systems never show you the most important metrics of gameplay: user lifetime and lifetime value, known as LTV. 262 more words



Lagos Television has emerged as winner of the maiden edition of the SWAN Vita Glucose D Tug of War tournament.

Team LTV defeated hard fighting Team Super Sports in the final by 2-0 to cart home the overall trophy and a cash prize of N30,000. 195 more words

What Happens If My Appraisal Comes in Low?

When purchasing a home, a question or concern that comes up either occasionally (or frequently, as the real estate market might dictate) is, “What happens if my appraisal comes in low?” So let’s take a look at the relationship between purchase price and appraised value while also providing some insight into your mortgage options should this dilemma befall your home financing experience. 480 more words

Mortgage Industry Insight

IPO Filings: First Yodlee, then Yodle, what next, Yodl?

My last post noted that Yodlee, a data aggregation provider in financial services, had filed to go public.  This week a provider of cloud-based marketing automation, Yodle, also filed. 772 more words

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