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Slip Sliding Away

In the video for her new single, “Booty,” 45-year-old Jennifer Lopez covers her assets in a shiny, gooey substance. What is it? She’s not saying, but one lubricant company was so convinced that it offered the pop star an endorsement deal. 271 more words


10 tons Fuel and Lube Truck; Unique in its category

We welcome new dealers!

Articulated 4×4 Fuel-Lube Truck

Extra option; Enclosed-cab

Equipped with tool boxes area

All working equipment is reachable from the ground

Air tank and grease drum

Articulated 4×4 Fuel and Lube trucks


Decisions, decisions...Finding the right condom

If I remember to put a condom on that’s enough isn’t it? Well, with sexual health messages focusing on the importance of putting a condom on, it can be easy to forget that it is also crucial to find the  493 more words

A Tale of Two Husbands

Another stressful couple of days, dear reader(s).

One of the yoga places I go to that I really rate (and my rating should not be under-estimated in its value, given that I am an accomplished lifelong yogi, and can do the crow pose) is on Orchard, not far from my house. 617 more words


How To Be Better at Bottoming

The last post was dedicated to becoming better at topping, you can read it here just in case you missed it. But with that out of the way, sex still remains a two way street, so here’s part two on to become better at bottoming. 1,023 more words