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Black screen after first reboot.

This post is about one case of a pretty common problem with Linux installs: the black screen.

That is, you encounter a black screen after you have seen the particular Linux distribution’s logo, and tty ( 91 more words


Error calling EVIOCSKEYCODE: Invalid argument

Hello again!

I am back with a small piece of solved error output, that had bugged me through installs and installs of Ubuntu / Xubuntu / Lubuntu. 343 more words


Community Appreciation Day 2014

In the light of Community Appreciation Day, I would like to thank everyone in the Ubuntu Community for doing a great job contributing to Ubuntu- from promoting it to fixing bugs or from leading events to teaching others.  163 more words


Solved: lubuntu vs. x11vnc

I was having problems logging into my lubuntu boxes with VNC. Black screen with mouse pointer that moved. First I thought the video was wacky but I might be able to no-look log in at the screensaver. 85 more words


LiveUSB failed to load com32 file

Today I came across the following problem. I created a Lubuntu 14.04 32-bit LiveUSB using the Startup Disk Creator. But while I was trying to boot with it, I got a “boot:” prompt with the following error message: “failed to load com32 file gfxboot.c32″ 102 more words

Booting Issues

Loading Lubuntu OS in CubieTruck

This post is about loading Lubuntu OS in to the Cubietruck board.

We can either use the usual method which involves booting from an SD card,to which the image of the required OS is written.  195 more words

Install Virtual OS in Linux

Dual booting, who needs it? That’s what VMware Player is for! So, what exactly is VMWare?

VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for…

501 more words