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Stoicism and Lucan's Civil War

Are you into Silver Age Latin Epic?  My guess is probably not – but for the few of you who are (or who simply have an interest in that old crotchety philosophy called Stoicism), I’ve here posted a lecture about how the epic poet Lucan used some of the tenets of Stoic philosophy to get rid his poem of traditional gods, but still have an epic on par with Virgil or Homer (…well, OK, maybe not on par, but you get the idea). 28 more words

TV Crime Log: The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies

I was just about to write something glib about ITV’s latest adventure into True Crime, a genre which it has mined with great success — with The Widower and Lucan and suchlike — when I notice that… 303 more words


Swipe command in calabash iOS

Hi i have to swipe the bunch of screens and i tried some of the syntax like

swipe "left", {:query => "*"}

But it swipes and leave back the screen to same screen. 12 more words

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Metamorfoze (5)

«Cum guşterul sub biciul tare al zilelor caniculare, schimbînd tufişul, pare un fulger cînd traversează drumul, aşa părea, venind spre burta celorlalţi doi un şerpişor livid de furie şi negru ca o boabă de piper» (v. 541 more words


Happy Birthday Lucan!

It was the 1975th anniversary of the Neronian poet Lucan’s birth on Monday (the 3rd November). For those of you not in the know, Lucan wrote an epic poem on the theme of the civil war between Caesar and Pompey (mid 1st Century BC). 1,114 more words


The Mysterious Case of Lord Lucan

Following up on the inspirational lecture by one of my course tutors, I decided to broaden my search for inspiration (my most favoured of his suggestions was using two separate images since the brain will automatically search for a connection between the two, thus creating a narrative). 291 more words