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1982: B.B. King Inducted Into The Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame

Ignorance is a beautiful thing. Up until a few years ago I wasn’t really sure who B.B. King was or why he is held in such high esteem. 200 more words


a five minute family photo shoot

Our intention was to drag our Christmas tree into the street with us for this year’s holiday card photo, but the nap time window was closing and we sacrificed creativity for a Lucille smile. Totally worth it. :)


Charlie Hebdo

Created by Lucille Clerc.

Perhaps I’m just a coward, but I don’t feel right expressing ideology right now. I don’t want to impress onto anyone that I am comfortable in ignorance, that I take comfort in “The truth resists simplicity” just as Mr.

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A fragment of a letter dated 12th February, 1831

Do you remember the beach? I think I was about eight when we went there. We travelled through those charming Cornish villages with the ice cream parlours and the gypsy wagons trundling on the edge of the road. 341 more words



Lucille waited next to an old man wearing a toupée. It blew faintly in the thick summer wind, and she watched as a tear of sweat descended from underneath it and trickled down his forehead. 1,792 more words

Brown Snake