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On What Matters

Lucille is blissfully ignorant of American ideals, culturally imposed expectations, and personal successes and losses. I can honestly say she’s never once asked me about my GPA, my degrees, or my considerable income. 115 more words


A little nostalgia - Diane Belmont

We forget sometimes how beautiful this young lady was when she began her career as a blonde. and stayed a blonde through her days as a “Goldwyn Girl.”  This photo is likely from her start as a model, and neophyte actress using the name Diane Belmont.   64 more words


October blues

In the morning I found an article about B.B. King and his guitar, Lucille in the daily. This song is mind-blowing. Africa, the plantations and something distinctly American, no kidding.

October Musings

pj mornings

I love these neck roll tan lines more than any other (especially mine). ;) ^^

Most mornings I peak into Lucille’s room, find her chatting with Paloma and Teddy, and scoop her up out of her crib for the usual diaper change and clothes assembly. 47 more words