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toddler hair and smelling flowers

Toddler hair is really something I tell you. ^^

This is roughly how Lucille goes about smelling flowers. There’s usually a lean in, a crinkle of the face, and a puff of air out the nose. 55 more words


auntie allison

Another day, another brunch at The Market. ;)

Lucille lights up when Allison comes around. I sometimes wonder if her attachment to Al is related to Al being there in those early months when everything was so new. 74 more words

People I Love

on playground pensiveness

Lucille loves the playground – she really does. But for whatever reason, sitting in the driver’s seat the other day put her in this unusually pensive mood. 36 more words


A Sadness You Have to Cope With

I’m not too thrilled about sharing what I just read about one of my all-time favorite guitarists, but it’s out there and I needed some Blues news in my daily writings. 250 more words


BB King Apologizes For A Different Show In St. Louis

I was told recently about the BB King performance at the Peabody Opera house that was less than spectacular. His representatives have addressed the issue. See what they had to say about the performance after the jump.

Music News

The King of the Blues...


Friday night Bryan and I headed up to the State Theater in Ithaca. This lovely venue brings in all sorts of acts from all over. 621 more words

Lucille's first selfie

I am beginning to detest this word, but when I first showed Nate the photo, it’s what he called it and it made me laugh – so there ya go. 46 more words