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Friday’s First and 10 – Week 9

Week 9 of the NFL season comes on the heels of All Hallow’s Eve. For those who have lived under a rock or have not discussed with their pagan friends, All Hallow’s Eve is, naturally, what we now know as Halloween. 1,046 more words


Luck, the uncontrolled variable


I went to the market the other day, trying to get some extra large, extra delicious farm fresh eggs (the extra large ones have a 72% greater probability of being double yolkers, true fact). 456 more words



It’s Halloween today – which, for most people, means either the joy of jack o’ lanterns and the perfect excuse to dress up in the most outrageously slutty outfit imaginable, or the annoyance of children knocking on your door to pester you for sweets. 430 more words


Happy Moments #1

Besides my weekly “random-topic” blog post I decided to add one weekly post called “Happy Moments”

I’ve been reading through a little book my mom gave me when I moved out, called “Zielsgelukkig” (= Blissfully Happy). 566 more words



Results without commitment or consciousness are explained as luck. And it absolves me of responsibility.


Be prepared for the opportunity

Networking is important. The world stressed this enough throughout my life. But is it really?

Networking is useless without a specialty. What will they remember you by? 67 more words