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New Horizons

Tomorrow I’ll head to the airpot and take my first flight across the Atlantic to start training for my new job.

I’m nervous.


Excited. 486 more words

Love Life London

Wish Me Luck!

There will be no model today as I am currently taking the ACT. this is a post which I scheduled last night so I am currently unreachable. 21 more words

So what, life is unfair?

I’ve always understood this world in terms of fairness. Some people have things, family, friends and blessings. They’re accepted by society and they look happy. Others aren’t so lucky, they’re poor, without hope, forgotten. 182 more words


On mindset

And while I am still at the topic of mindset, here is another great TED talk from Carrie Green. Here again you can see the connections between mindset, that it is your decision to be positive, that you can take control over your thoughts and the usefulness of visualization techniques. 107 more words


Hanging Back From The Crowd

Hanging back from the crowd
Trying to keep a polite peek
You’re annoyed they’re getting loud
When a bit of solace is all you seek… 33 more words


Earnest traveler

 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you (Matthew 7:7).

It is a man’s journey on the path of truth, and it is a conversation between man and his creator, be it God, universe, or his mother.

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