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Delicious Memories of Cereal

The crispy calous crunch of the Captain’s Crunch. The lovely laced liquid of Lucky Charms milk. The corrupted Chocolate cravings of the Count Chocula. The tasty talented twist of all the Rabbit’s Trix.

2015 Hopes & Expectations

Another end brings a new beginning. And this is the moment when we all start all over again. It is the time when all of us make wishes for something different and something better. 99 more words


Chapter 3.12 The Penultimate One

Hey there, welcome to another dose of the Mendozas.  There will be an heir poll after this chapter so watch out for that.

So last time I got them a cow plant which I call Seymour, the youngest became kids and most importantly they moved to Lucky Palms. 808 more words


Day 20: Little Charmer

“Where’s Buddy?” Jack asked this morning, looking everywhere.

“Where are you, Buddy??” Alice asked when she couldn’t find him either.

He was nowhere to be found. 23 more words

Chapter 3.11 A Change of Scenery

Hi all.  I can’t believe how close christmas is getting.  I still have lots to do.  Decorations went up at the weekend so feeling a bit more in the spirit now. 1,041 more words


Hopscotch & Lucky Charms

They play catch. The football of childhood has moved quickly to midlife. Games remain the same. The meaning has changed. With age, wisdom; the reality of impermanence, and the gift of gratitude. 123 more words