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Hold the helicopter!

Despite severe injuries, I can  now afford to joke about my motorcycle accident at the end of August.

There is a thing called “post trauma amnesia” from which I suffer – bonk me on the head and I forget everything for anything from an hour to a day or so BEFORE the incident. 208 more words

Lucky Dip


we made a gruesome Halloween terror bear lucky dip…
Here’s what we did…

I bought a jar of value pickled onions to use as eyeballs… 110 more words


Do you believe in Fairy Stories?

Bridget Boland was born at Ballyvadlea, between the towns of Drangan and Cloneen in County Tipperary on 19th February 1867. She was the youngest child and only daughter of Patrick Boland and Bridget Keating.  551 more words

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R and R

No – not rest and recuperation, that is from my military days. This is for Rights and Responsibilities. Had a lot of “thinks” about this regarding social media. 306 more words

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Watch your language!

WARNING – bit of swearing here.

My other half is called Badger, as most of  you know and his command of the French language isn’t bad, hampered as it is by a Bristolian accent which makes his English hard to fathom sometimes. 163 more words

Lucky Dip

Delivery mix-up

All my life I have thought I was a mix-up in the delivery room. Not in the hospital, in the pick and pack area.

I’m sure I was meant to be an animal of some sort because I find humans so very difficult to fathom. 156 more words

Lucky Dip


A three-point blog today, hence Trident.

One – I am struggling to stay on social media despite a severe motorcycle accident last month that nearly killed me and left me with even more brain damage. 546 more words

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