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Sorry, There's No Friendship Amongst Photographers

To cheer-up my photographer friend Katie Soze (she’s a bit ill at the moment) I just sent her the above PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN pic – which I took when she wasn’t looking. 53 more words

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Butt out

Going to have to admit something today. I’m a snob; not about money or possessions but about manners. Things like not talking with your mouth full because I really don’t want to see it all going around in there like washing in a tumble dryer and I honestly can’t understand what you are saying through a mouthful of grub. 370 more words

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Baywara: The Film

Dot writes: Facebook currently shows me Gotye’s updates rather more reliably than those of my actual friends (see earlier post). On Thursday he posted this funding appeal for a film/music project that he is involved in and helping to finance. 1,383 more words

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Lucky Dip: Love and Poems

Reading some of the fifty greatest love poems of the last fifty years selected by Southbank Centre and others. See full list in The Guardian… 109 more words


If only all genealogies were this simple

First off, the formalities. It was our Shankley’s fourth birthday on US Independence Day, yesterday. Straightaway I should point out that Shankley is a pedigree male… 261 more words

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I love to travel – and tonight, I realised that over the years, during my European adventures, I’ve photographed an impressive array of two-wheeled gems – all of which I feel would make suitable Tour De France cycles. 38 more words

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When maps were maps (before Google Street View)

Regular followers will know that I collect old maps, particularly of Ireland or its provinces. Perhaps, more infuriatingly, I am always trying to get others to admire the beauty of the ancient craft of cartography. 160 more words

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