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I.can’t.walk.past.a.bookshop. If it’s a cookery book shop (err, Books for Cooks here in Melbourne) its a done thing that I am going to walk out with an armload of “books I’ve always wanted”. 304 more words

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Right pigeon, wrong hole

Like my books, I’m genre-defying. Well, I think so anyway. Let’s look at “grannies”. This subject came up in a FB conversation the other day and I was rather shocked to find that I’m supposed to be disapproving and strict. 327 more words

Lucky Dip

He's not a demon...he's a pesky neighbour!

Many of you will remember the “He is not the Messiah” scene from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” but as it has “adult-only” content and I don’t want to offend I’m not including it. 244 more words

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Let's go viral!

Many thanks to Wendy Anne Darling for her comment on my piece “Just a Gesture”.

OK – here it is – let’s see if we can share this all over the world and get people smiling at each other. 62 more words

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Just a gesture.

Few of us are able to go out and do news-worthy work in the cause of peace and unity. At the moment, I’m sure many are wondering if we can do anything at all. 212 more words

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How We Got Our Chins.

This is the final offering in the “Christmas With the Crooked Cats” series. A return trip to the river-bank to hear a seasonal tale from our old friend, Otter.  570 more words

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I thought I’d try to revive my blogging a bit using some of the writing prompts from The Daily Post. Today’s is “Oasis.” I’m afraid when I saw the title I thought first of the band (I was a big fan in the mid ’90s, the shame), and then of the green stuff you use in flower-arranging, and only then of the place of water and relief in the desert.

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