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New life starts ...

I hinted at this some posts ago but maybe there DOES come a time when we have to start acting our age, even if we don’t feel it. 370 more words

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Sharp work

May have told you before but our Fire Brigade also serve the function of the Ambulance crew.  This means that you get millions of the buggers when you phone up. 156 more words

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Religious Pick n Mix

To a season
This is one of my favourites. OK so it is Judeo-Christian in origin but if one has followed an earth-centred path, it has resonance. 218 more words

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More of Dot's musical adventures

Dot writes: I suspect that my pace of new listening is going to slow somewhat as I get sucked into the maelstrom of the teaching term, but here’s a little post on the three new albums I’ve been exploring over the past two weeks. 397 more words

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Gearoid O’Neary debuted as an author with his book “Where’s Merrill”. It’s a genealogical mystery thriller. The novel is based on a real life events. 934 more words


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Interview with Bulgarian author & journalist Ognian Georgiev:

Quick Stroke


 There are several things one cannot do at the same time.. most of which include “have a stroke and….”

Some of you may remember that I had one following a car crash last November and they think this is why I described graceful cartwheels over my motorcycle handlebars, ending up in hospital with various injuries a couple of weeks ago. 141 more words

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Words of Wisdom

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Stephen King