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Slightly defensive dad venting

Ken writes:

I took the boys swimming today. They found another boy there and they all had a great time splashing each other, playing tag and jumping into the pool. 314 more words

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We apologise for this delay, which was caused by a temporary disturbance in the weft of reality

Dot writes: I’ve just been looking through some photos uploaded from my phone, as we have posted incredibly few photos this year (our digital camera is broken, which may have something to do with it) and I was thinking of making a bit of a catch-up post. 64 more words

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South Sligo National Schools - Largan & Kilmactigue outdo Drimina

No sooner had I publicized the fact that a very old photo of the (named) pupils of Drimina National School existed, dating from the 1920′s, and not one, but two, even older photos come to light from the relatively small Kilmacteigue RC Parish in South County Sligo. 181 more words

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Sorry, There's No Friendship Amongst Photographers

To cheer-up my photographer friend Katie Soze (she’s a bit ill at the moment) I just sent her the above PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN pic – which I took when she wasn’t looking. 53 more words

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Butt out

Going to have to admit something today. I’m a snob; not about money or possessions but about manners. Things like not talking with your mouth full because I really don’t want to see it all going around in there like washing in a tumble dryer and I honestly can’t understand what you are saying through a mouthful of grub. 370 more words

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Baywara: The Film

Dot writes: Facebook currently shows me Gotye’s updates rather more reliably than those of my actual friends (see earlier post). On Thursday he posted this funding appeal for a film/music project that he is involved in and helping to finance. 1,381 more words

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