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The Power of the Heart

As I was about to pay for my ticket, you came from over my shoulder. “I’ll pay for hers, please, can you find us two seats together?” How had you known I would be there, did it have to do with the nature of the show, about the heart? 557 more words

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Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 1. 1164-1174: Entropy Strikes! (slowly)

Some more Lucretius to lighten a Tuesday’s burden:

“Now as he shakes his head slowly the ancient plowman
whispers that his great labors have amounted to nothing… 164 more words


A Commentary on Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass is perhaps the best known African-American abolitionist. Born into slavery, Douglass grew up in the city of Baltimore where he taught himself how to read and write. 295 more words


Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 4.1-25: The Merits of a Spoonful of Sugar

This passage was famous long before Mary Poppins stole its theme….

“I cross the roadless places of the Pierides

where no earlier step has fallen. I am pleased to find untouched springs… 393 more words


Lucretius is Down With O.P.P (Other People's Pain): DRN 2.1-16

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 2.1-16

“It is comforting to watch someone else’s hardship from land,

when the wind churns the waves on the great sea. 279 more words


of happy endings

It could be a romantic

comedy about divorce

set in the wine country

i love


I know, put your socks on first

but i know the terrior… 36 more words

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On The Nature of Things

This mental nature, therefore, or compound intellectual substance, is contained in every body, and is itself the guardian of the body, and the cause of its safety; for the two, the body and the soul, cohere, as it were, by common roots, with one another, nor seem capable of being torn asunder without destruction of both. 51 more words