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Üç enstrümanlı bir denemedir.

“Bir ağırlık duyuyor ruhlarında insanlar
Göğüslerine çöken yıkıntının sebebini görebilselerdi-”
Mehmet sana dün aktardığım mebla tam üçbinsekizyüzaltmış lira kardeşim. E bunu dün söyleyecektiniz Mehmet insanı çileden çıkartmayın ticaret yapıyoruz! 193 more words

Bricolage & Rûyet

Reading Lucretius

this twenty-first century morning makes me

a Roman meditating a thousand years ago

On the Nature of Things, a universe

without gods, made from very small particles, 47 more words


Lucretius - De rerum natura (ca. 50 B.C.E.)

So man in vain futilities toils on
Forever and wastes in idle care his years—
Because, of very truth, he hath not learnt
What the true end of getting is, nor yet…

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Lucretius - De rerum natura (ca. 50 B.C.E.)

…better far in quiet to obey,
Than to desire chief mastery of affairs
And ownership of empires. Be it so;
And let the weary sweat their life-blood out…

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Lucretius - De rerum natura (ca. 50 B.C.E.)

In that long-ago
The wheel of the sun could nowhere be discerned
Flying far up with its abounding blaze,
Nor constellations of the mighty world,

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“And yet it is hard to believe that anything
in nature could stand revealed as solid matter.
The lightning of heaven goes through the walls of houses, 62 more words


Lucretius - De rerum natura (ca. 50 B.C.E.)

Our gratefulness,
O what emoluments could it confer
Upon Immortals and upon the Blessed
That they should take a step to manage aught
For sake of us?