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DVD Review: The Code

Hacking into BBC Four, and onto DVD, Australian techno-conspiracy thriller The Code proves Europe doesn’t have a monopoly on Noir.

Slick and compelling, a six hour drama filled with interweaving strands of subterfuge and murky morality. 641 more words

DVD Review: The Code - The Complete Series

Starring: Dan Spielman, Ashley Zukerman, Lucy Lawless
Rating: 7/10

Starting out like The Killing and ending up like Spooks, Aussie-made The Code is a combination of murder investigation, manhunt and conspiracy thriller with a plot thicker than a kangaroo casserole. 381 more words


Agents of SHIELD 3.1

A few days behind on this one, episode 1 of season three didn’t immediately follow on from where season 2 left off. Some time has passed and the rebuilding of Shield is starting, like I’ve noticed with a lot of other series not a lot of hanging around just straight to business. 50 more words