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Russell Crowe haciendo de random

Lucy Liu haciendo de Lucy Liu


y negros chungos que te fokan… 414 more words


Films #3 & 4 The Man with The Iron Fists | Taken 3

I intended to watch something entirely different on Monday, but tiredness meant I couldn’t concentrate on anything any more serious than The Man With the Iron Fists… 324 more words

Fakes in Film: Elementary

Being raised in a family of private eyes named ‘Holmes’, I was bred to consume and critique the plethoric flow of Sherlock Holmes imitations as they careened by.   456 more words


Elementary 03x10 ‘Seed Money’: Blood orchids

This week’s Elementary is a lovely romp through the delicate world of botany and home gardening.  It also features a murderous drug cartel, because what’s a day in the garden without a little homicide?   150 more words


'Elementary' recap: Something wicked this way comes

Season 3 | Episode 10 | “Seed Money” | Aired Jan 15, 2015

This week’s Elementary packs a punch, with a last-second cliffhanger that teases a looming and sinister threat on the horizon. 876 more words

Where Were You The Night Of ...

In my last post I brought up a situation that can befall any of us. Namely, a hostile interrogation. The confrontation with someone who just doesn’t believe you, and that bad shit going down is imminent. 682 more words


Top 10 Female Action Stars

For a long time, action was considered a strictly male genre. Fortunately for us, the ladies are changing the game, starring in action packed films that I personally love more than any male action movie. 1,119 more words