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Shandys Redux

After writing a post about shandys, I came across this at the store.

Apparently, Narragansett Brewing Company teamed up with Del’s Lemonade to make this… 225 more words

Del's Lemonade

Day 204

Lobster roll, crab roll, shrimp roll date with my work partner-in-crime, Alyssa. Hello to the new Luke’s Lobster Rolls in Midtown East.


Luke's Lobster Rolls is in. the. hizzy!

thank you Luke for movin’ to my hood (by the U.N.)…. you’re my hero. xoxo :-)

…..there’s something about sipping on a pony neck soda with my skirtdress blowing in the breeze on a lovely summer afternoon whilst listening Bebel Gilberto’s ‘August Day Song’ noshing on a Luke’s Lobster roll that feels. like. VICTORY.