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i’ve been in this city for five and a half years.  five insane years. five trying years. five freaking fabulous years. i love it. i love the bbq and the music and the coffee. 320 more words

Pipe Crossing PC44 – Structural Strengthening of Cast Iron with UHM Carbon Fibre Plates

For some structures, extended maintenance is a viable option and prolonging the service life of PC44 was commissioned by LUL. This project was delivered on time and budget by LUL and their contractor Clancy Docwra/Concrete Repair JV, culminating in the strengthening of the cast iron bridges using innovative Sika Carbodur UHM carbon fibre plates. 260 more words


Innovations in Structural Strengthening - Cast Iron and Steel Structures using UHM Carbon Fibre Plates

Interest in strengthening metallic structures was first led by the off shore industry. The civil engineering industry soon realised the opportunity for its use and major bridge owners such as London Underground Limited and Network Rail expressed interest. 609 more words


UHM Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding

This is one of the most technically demanding structural strengthening projects ever carried out using UHM Carbon Fibre Plates applied to a cast iron structure. Significant research went into selecting the right structural adhesive for the project that would deliver the right level of technical performance whilst being applied in the very challanging conditons. 58 more words


The District Line

Miles: 50
Stations: 60
Days: 2.5
Friends who said they would come along for a bit and made it: 2
Friends who said they would come along for a bit but didn’t make it: 2… 24 more words

London Underground