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Post 23 / Passion / Ukulele

I love music. It helps me start my day when I wake up and Its the last thing that plays when I fall asleep. I couldn’t imagine myself going deaf and losing the ability to hear. 172 more words

The name of my blog

Whoever comes across my blog will probably be wondering why I would have named it “lulus&tiffanyblues”, and here’s why:

It took me a long time to even come up with a name for a blog, I wanted it to be unique, something nobody has ever heard before, and I wanted it to have a little bit of me in it. 343 more words


Welcome to the Rift of Summoners

A lot of people do not know that I love to play League of Legends (LoL). LoL is an online multiplayer real time strategy game (RTS) where 10 gamers in a certain region are teamed up randomly for a 5v5 match-up. 634 more words


Champion mới nhất được Riot hé lộ qua đoạn video Trials of the Poro

Vào rạng sáng ngày hôm nay (18/4) theo giờ Việt Nam, Riot đã tung ra một đoạn video giới thiệu champion mới có tên gọi Trials of the Poro, tạm dịch: Thử thách của Poro. 51 more words

Lou Reed and Metallica: Lulu

Actually isn’t quite as bad as people say. “Brandenberg Gate” is genuinely awesome, and “Junior Dad” is pretty cool. In between, there’s a lot to be annoyed with, but if you give it a chance there are some decent songs. 

Eurovision Rewind: 1969

We take you back to 1969. An unusual year as there were 4 joint winners. While Spain, Netherlands and France’s winning songs all have their merits, it is the UK’s entry that we have decided to share with you today. 8 more words