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Facts in Film

Is it right to portray factual inaccuracies as fact in films?  Is there an artistic licence, or a greater responsibility to portray the ‘truth’?

Film has its roots in capturing the truth, as with the first ‘actuality’ films made by the… 555 more words


Week 2 Media Post

Find a clip by the Lumiere Brothers, Georges Melies, Edwin S. Porter, Alice Guy, or Winsor McCay and post it here (remember to embed the clip rather than hyperlink it). 74 more words

Media Post

Week 2 Discussion Post

Watch The Sprinkler Sprinkled, A Trip to the Moon, The Great Train Robbery, The Consequences of Feminism, and Little Nemo (all of which are linked under Media Files in this week’s Canvas module). 86 more words

Discussion Post

Film History 101

Sponsored by the New York Film Academy, Empire are running an occasional series of historical features about the development of film. This is my contribution, covering ‘Ten Film Formats That Shook the World’, beginning with the Kinetoscope and ending with Super 35. 8 more words