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07.22.14 | boo?

Post 568: 203/365

The Halloween stuff has been out at stores for a few weeks. I just don’t get it. Seriously. I don’t get it. It’s JULY!


07.21.14 | gigantic tire

Post 567: 202/365

You can’t tell from this photo, but this tire was MASSIVE. And it was stacked in a gigantic pile of other huge tires. 18 more words


07.20.14 | slim the eel

Post 566: 201/365

Gustafer Yellowgold temporary tattoo FTW.

(We are HUGE Gustafer Yellowgold fans. We’ve seen him more times than I can count – the first time was wayyyy back in 2008.)

Shooting Out The Window

On a previous post I explained how to shoot through Aquarium glass to get lifelike underwater shots.

The same technique can be used out of a plane porthole. 166 more words


07.19.14 | chinese lantern

Post 565: 200/365

My 200th post for the year – on the day of my friend’s 40th birthday party… and what a wonderful party it was! 17 more words