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The two 'Capes'

The two ‘capes’ ‘Le Cap Blanc-Nez’ and ‘Le Cap Gris-Nez‘ in the French province of Audinghen are  located about 10 to 20km south of Calais. 182 more words


08.27.14 | cactus flower

Post 604: 239/365

I wish I had more of a green thumb. I LOVE when cactus plants bloom, but I have the most terrible luck keeping anything alive. 30 more words


Macro Flowers - Camera Catches

The Earth lifts its glass to the sun
And light–light is poured.
A bird comes and sits on a crystal rim
And from my forest cove I hear singing. 62 more words


08.26.14 | clamps-a-plenty

Post 603: 238/365

Remember the clamps from the last photo in this post? Well, here they are in action.


08.25.14 | houston, we have a walker

Post 602: 237/365

It is my son’s first day of school today:

  • first day of 4th grade (how did that happen!?)
  • first day at a new school (the program he is in switches school buildings for grades 4-5 so he moved to this new school with all of his friends from his previous school)
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Chapter 2 - a beginning of sorts.

My wife has continued to blog about the sciences and I have made rather poorly on my promise to blog “much” on the off chance it will mean something to anyone. 1,045 more words

08.24.14 | crocodile shoes

Post 601: 236/365

Hanging out at one of our favorite places wearing plastic shoes. These are from Old Navy but she called them her “crocodile shoes” since they are made out of the same material as my son’s Crocs.