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Roving the Moon Is Harder Than It Looks, Chinese Explain

Space engineers in China are trying a last-ditch attempt to see if they can work around the problem faced since January 25 by the Yutu, or Jade Rabbit, lunar rover. 210 more words

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Lunar Rover’s Glitch Proves Great Efforts Needed for China’ Space-Air Battle Capability

China is making great efforts to develop its ambitious space program. There is speculation that it may establish a military base on the moon. However, that is indeed not practical as attacking targets on earth from the moon will be very much complicated. 511 more words

Lego lunar rover

This set has a astronaut and his lunar rover it comes with a special astronaut suit piece and a curved solar panel piece

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Apollo 17 VIP Site Anaglyph.

Explanation: Get out your red/blue glasses and check out this stereo scene from Taurus-Littrow valley on the Moon! The color anaglyph features a detailed 3D view of Apollo 17′s Lunar Rover in the foreground — behind it lies the Lunar Module and distant lunar hills. 106 more words

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Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), Apollo 15, 1971, Parking Meter, 10 cents, 2 hours

Note: Three LRVs from Apollo 15, 16, and 17 (1971 and 1972) remain on the moon. Who’s feeding the meter?

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FebRovery's Finishing Flourish

Apologies for the unimaginative title but we’ve been a bit pre-occupied dealing with a combined Elf and Mini-Fig uprising here at TLCB Towers. Now the that airhorn is recharged, we’ve time to bring you this rather charming creation from Miro Dudas, … 64 more words


" China's Lunar Rover now has problems with lack of sunlight making it impossible to generate electricity with Solar Panels"

#AceWorldNews says on Saturday, China’s lunar rover, Yutu, went into its third planned hibernation amid ongoing technical problems with the robotic explorer, Xinhua News Agency has reported on Sunday. 73 more words

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