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Let The Sushi Adventures Continue...

I had to work all weekend, so on Saturday I went for a much-needed sushi lunch! This time we went to Sake Hana in Westborough, which was a short 5 minute walk from work. 397 more words

Healthy Eating

Who says lunch has to be savoury!?

Sometimes, I feel like eating a light lunch and that doesn’t always mean it has to be salad… Or meat… Or vegetables.

A bit controversial here, but who made the rules that lunch and dinner should be savoury?! 87 more words


#LunchWithLex: Apple Cinnamon Stuffed Snack Cake

On the slick, I’m a huge culinary enthusiast. I love to be in the kitchen. One would think that because I have so much going on that there’s no time for eating well. 401 more words

At Home

Resetting the Day

I admittedly did not get off to a great start today, health/eating-wise:

Old habits, my friends… old habits.  This morning I woke up after a loooong night of teething with Harlow… 344 more words

Some Food for Thought

As promised, I was much better at snapping pictures of my meals before devouring them. When without much of a kitchen, you have to tap into your creative resources, as well as rely on the help of others in borrowing their kitchens. 692 more words

Quick Summer Quinoa Salad with Lime Vinaigrette

There’s nothing better than eating healthy after a few cheat days! My friend Hayley (Hi Hayley!) visited and although we didn’t overindulge too much in unhealthy foods, we certainly drank enough wine to make up for that.  333 more words