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A quick lunch to take away

Ok so the main reason we fail at work lunch time is because of time. It seems as though everyone around me all over this world (our round blue spaceship hurtling through space, by the way) wakes up at the crack of dawn and walks their dog, gets their kids up, makes coffee, makes breakfast, gets ready for work, and so on. 311 more words


Yummy Barny Bears

My little boy is only 3, he can’t write or type, yet he is in essence, taking over my blog for the review of these delicious, Barny Bears. 237 more words


Zucchini, and Carrot Slice

Zucchini, and Carrot Slice

Things around here have been a little hectic of late. We have had birthdays to celebrate, relatives visiting, and we are nearing the end of the term so school is wrapping up. 389 more words

Kid Friendly

Lunchbox idea: Fruit in a Jar

I really enjoyed making these fruits in a jar. They will be perfect to carry along to work as your light, healthy lunch or snack. You can even pack this when you’re going on a long journey or a picnic or for the older kids to take as part of their lunch. 152 more words


Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burritos

Cash often asks me for wraps for his school lunch. He has very specific instructions that accompany this request, such as grated cheese in a separate container and a tray for him to assemble his lunch on. 899 more words

Kid Friendly

Breakfast today !

Dosa, Kellogs star and moon chocks and Pomogranate !



I just got off the phone with a girlfriend re the dreaded LUNCHBOX.

It seems that with the Healthy Eating messages and reformed School Canteen Menus a spotlight has been put on what we feed our kids. 378 more words

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