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I Know Squat

Yesterday was indeed a very long day, even longer than I had anticipated, but it was still a good day. I didn’t do any kettle bell swings yesterday though, because there really just wasn’t enough time. 231 more words


Tuesday Workout - Legs

I love working legs and because let’s be honest I’m trying to build a nice round booty. But can i tell you how upset i was that i accidentally dropped one of my gloves in the toilet when i went to pee ?!!! 139 more words


Wendler month three, week 1

  • Deadlift
    5 x 86kg (65%)
    5 x 100kg (75%)
    5 x 113kg (85%)

deadlift all out: 25 x 95kg (2 reps more than the previous month) 12 more words



Developing leg strength, stability, and flexibility using lunges…

Key points:

Start with your feet hip width apart

Take a large step forward keeping feet placed hip width apart. 33 more words


Cíara & the Big Boy Gym

So I got picked up the other day. As in I was physically lifted. Yes, ME! (And FYI it wasn’t by a crane or a forklift – I know, I’m as shocked as you are) An actual real life person lifted me up above their head. 1,047 more words


WOD Nov21/2014

3 x 8 Deadlift (Constant)
*Butt higher – so can feel the drive from the HEELS*

3 x 5 Pendlay Row

15mins AMRAP… 17 more words