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Mount Monadnock

You may have seen us mention our hike in New Hampshire from a couple of weekends back, and now we’re finally getting around to posting about it! 332 more words



My latest workouts have incorporated drop sets – i.e., starting with a weight that is challenging for 15 reps and then dropping the weight by 15-20% (without any rest) and completing 12-15 additional reps.  905 more words


26JUL2014 - Ruck Day

26JUL2014 – Ruck Day

RUCK: 5 miles @ 65#/45#
Every 800m:
10/ leg walking lunges
10 squats
10 get ups

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Building Better Legs – Dumbbell Lunge Rotation

Some people consider the lunge second best to the squat when it comes to exercising and strengthening the lower limbs.

However, new research now proves beyond doubt that the lunge is on equal footing to the squat when it comes to strengthening the hips, knees and ankles, as well as the soft tissue structures supporting these joints. 567 more words

Womens' Fitness

Fitness Thursdays: Butt.

Make like Kim K this week and get that bikini butt with these high interval training exercises that will get you on your way to that pert, toned behind. 117 more words


Morning Workout

of course you can do this anytime but it is sure to get you off on the right foot!


6 Effective Workouts

We all suffer from weight problems at least once in our lives, I’ve been struggling with it since last seven years. In these years I blamed it on the hormones and kept on eating all the stuff I wanted to. 657 more words