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Multi-Position Dumbbell Ladder Day!

Workout for 10-22-2014
Music: Sly and The Family Stone
T-Shirt: Physical Therapist

The last workout was all body-weight exercises. Today is different. We used some weights today. 177 more words


Too tired to workout

So I’m always feeling too tired to do a home workout or go to the gym or even the thought tires me out. I’ve read that “you shouldn’t workout when you’re tired and you should use that time to rest”. 516 more words


Countdown to 30 - Life Lesson #3 - Laugh At Yourself

There is nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously. Part of life is understanding and accepting that we aren’t perfect, and that we will make mistakes. 255 more words

German Throwdown WOD 2 and WOD 20/10/14

The 2nd wod is announced: http://www.germanthrowdown.de/index.php/gtd2-115.html

It actually sounded better than it felt. I was really exhausted, had problems breathing during the lunges and had to stop in between, my HSPU felt so bad the last reps and I just finished 6 rounds plus 2 reps. 148 more words

Workout Of The Day /WOD/

Big Bodyweight Blowout!!

Workout for: 10-20-2014
Music: John Fogerty, ZZ Top

Today is all about mobility and using the body as a gym.
Anyone can do this stuff. Maybe not as many reps or the length of time in the gym but all the movements can be done. 179 more words


The Importance Of Self Belief

I’ve often been known when people ask me if I “believe” in whichever saviour /saint/sinner/baker butcher/candlestick maker they are referring too, to I simply state “I believe in myself”. 886 more words


4 Exercise's to a healthier you.

Hey guys! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday, I was sorting out my picture problem. Hopefully I have it sorted! 193 more words

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