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Early September 2014

I know, I’ve been quiet for a while.  Sorry.

Don’t get too upset with me, I spend most of my time studying.  Yep, that’s right, back in school full-time, officially now!  333 more words


God's Love (LUO: Bible NT)

LUO: Bible NT

John (Johana) 3:16

16 “Nikech Nyasaye nohero piny ahinya, omiyo nochiwo Wuode achiel makende, mondo ng’ato ang’ata moyie kuome kik lal, to obed gi ngima manyaka chieng’.


The Kenyan Woman - Is She Really Unique?

After last week’s post, there were two things I was fairly certain about. Make that three. First, that Google and social media searches would be rife with Asmahani Mulimba, the perfect-nosed, fierce-feline like, fine damsel who left me in distress after our exchange was lost in incomprehension. 1,244 more words

Male Problems

Travelling to the Bathroom of the gods

I travel to Kisii often. Every Kisii worth his salt travels to Kisii often.  It is my home. Somewhere within those green bushes that cover those tiny hills, my umbilical cord is buried. 1,032 more words



The difference in cultural background with the people of Kenya comes as an addition of flavour in the food tasting world since the difference in culture reciprocate to the food enjoyed by those various group of people.Considering that the country has 43 major ethnic groups and many other sub cultures it makes a wide array of dishes to choose from. 152 more words

Food And Wine

Boy was I wrong!

I once thought that people would welcome a smile, and say “hello” when you greeted them, but it seems as though we are different as grains of sand. 236 more words

The Thoughts I Have

Peter Sikuku: Ambesta And Ing'Ombe (HMV AMC 119)

There’s a few other YouTube channels uploading African shellac, but there’s plenty of good reasons why Gamelan 78s appear here a lot. Here’s another one.

African 78s On YouTube