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#WhoWeAreKE - Together We Can

The artist is a teacher who lives and works in Eastleigh. He is in his twenties.

I am similar to other Kenyans because I identify myself as a Kenyan. 401 more words


Jubilee wants to rule Kenya with Otada?

The government ¬†of Jubilee just switched of the parliamentary proceeding because there was fracas in the house. It is all about the security bill! Not really it is about people’s freedom verses establishment? 151 more words


Is Ruto at best on carrot and sword?

Why do you think Government of Kenyatta has not fired Mutea Iringo and Nancy Gitau? Think twice. The government of Jubilee has discovered that huyu Jamaa is a ‘Hustler’ Village boy who made it. 249 more words


Hometown Glory! Dec 15

So once again here I am innocently scrolling through facebook when I am hit in the face with AMAZINGNESS!


I introduce to you all, my extremely good friend, 148 more words


Jubilee is a Dickhead defend Robert Alai?

Voltaire ‘I disapprove what you have to say, but I will defend to death your right to say it’ that is what Ouru Kenyatta should have said. 315 more words


Well written story By Moses kajwang

We have no expectations that anyone would want to vote for us

February 26, 2014 at 6:46pm

The first time I attended a Gor Mahia game was after the 2013 General Elections. 325 more words


Level 2 ODM Nominations Orange Hse?

The next stage in ODM nominations after Men in White ( Black) is Orange House round table democracy and of course the highest Bidder? And preferably a look alike Moses Kuria who is going to play an attack dog. 193 more words