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Terrific Thursdays: Lupin the III Live Action Movie Photos!

I was scrolling happily on Twitter and I find this: PHOTOS FROM THE LUPIN THE THIRD LIVE ACTION MOVIE. GASP!

I saw it and admittedly, I fangirled a bit. 195 more words


The Consulting Analyst: An Introduction to The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Those who’ve found themselves hanging around this blog for a while (or for more than a few minutes, really) are generally made aware of two things: I’ve got that English major itch to analyze, whether it’s putting work in a new context or just bringing out a mad tweak of meaning in something; and I can talk a blue streak about the long-running and venerable franchise… 793 more words


Cast photos released from live-action Lupin III movie

Recently the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie made waves by landing a lead actor and filming location, but the giant-fighting tale isn’t the only… 587 more words


Lupin III's Live Action Movie Visuals Released

Live action adaptations of anime series always get me nervous. Sometimes they work, but the majority fail at delivering a visual even close to the style of the series/manga it’s emulating. 236 more words

Dalin Rowell

New character visuals for Lupin III live action movie released

Lupin III is getting his own live action movie and now, new character visuals have officially been released and it shows the five main characters in costume, including actor Shun Oguri wearing Lupin’s signature read jacket while packing some heat with his signature Walter P38 pistol. 6 more words

Green Jacket 23 - Farewell, My Beloved Thief

Want to start at the beginning?

We come, at last, to the end of the line – the final time a green jacketed Lupin would grace the TV screens of the 20th century. 1,680 more words


Green Jacket 22 - Lupin vs HAL

Want to start at the beginning?

Imagine that you’re reading a novel where the latest fad is modern medical technology, and at the end the characters agree that ‘well, this is cool and all, but it’ll never be quite the same as leeches.’ That’s the closest equivalent I can give to the weirdness of “The First-Move-Wins Computer Operation.” If you didn’t know anything about advances in animation or the history of Lupin III or a single other scrap of information, you could still look at this episode and say ‘why yes, that was definitely the 70s.’ Incidentally, you can watch along… 1,787 more words