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Sometimes the mornings that start out as the biggest cluster you could imagine end up being the most spectacular. Sunrise over the lupins at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. 7 more words

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Lupins of New Zealand

Here’s a little secret about me: I really don’t enjoy flower photography.  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers and plants, I have like ten of them in my room, but I just don’t enjoy pictures of them that much.   99 more words



I admit it.

I’m very excited about the fact that these have flowered for me. This is the first time I have been able to grow Lupins since living in London (and even then I had to grow them in a pot because of the heavy clay). 203 more words


New on 500px : T H E | T R I O by BenzCatbagan by BenzCatbagan

Lake Tekapo New Zealand

I just got back from a short trip to Lake Tekapo. I’ve been wanting to catch the lupins for a few years now. 74 more words

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How to Grow Lupins from Seed

How to Grow Lupins from Seed

Are you interested in growing lupines during the summer? If so, you might also have discerned how it is fun and challenging to growing these plants.  571 more words

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False Greenhouses and Lovely Little Lupins

My slightly back to front gardening (starting planting in November in England!?!) has given me a little encouragement so far.  It seems my little “false greenhouses” inside the real greenhouse have helped to trap enough warmth and keep enough condensation inside to help some seedlings to appear!  313 more words

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