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What does a Johnnie and a Mogwai have in Common?

There are only three rules that you need to follow in order to care for a Mogwai:
  1. Never expose them to bright lights, especially sunlight. …
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Autoimmune Disease

An ounce of understanding

This is a ranty post. I know it’s going to be ranty before I even complete it.  It’s just that I hate it when people don’t understand Lupus.   281 more words


This time Last Year

This time last year I was in a completely different place. I had just started having the major symptoms that would later to lead to my diagnosis of Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Lupus. 952 more words


Saying Nothing At All And Everything At Once

His hand reached for mine, fingers curling around and in between my my own. Reassurance in the solidness of that hand, the gentle strength within those fingers. 513 more words

Grilled Tuna Salad with Avocado Citrus Dressing

I made my weekly trip to Wegman’s today and found some great fresh produce.  I stocked up and am ready for another healthy, anti-inflammatory week. 369 more words


This week

This week has certainly been a tough one! Not only have I been focusing on finishing my coursework but I have also been doing the insurance battle again! 422 more words

My Daily Randomness

Lupus Myelitis

I walk for my mother who died much too young. My mother suffered with lupus when very little was known about lupus and the only medication available to treat lupus was Cortisone. 403 more words