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New day, new treatment

After four weeks of fighting the allergic reaction to the lupus medication I was on, the doctor decided our next course of action today, starting me on an aggressive medication in hopes it will get my flare under control and me feeling halfway decent.   222 more words


Spoon Theory

In my reblogged post immediately before this, weggieboy referenced the Spoon Theory.

So sitting here in the ER with nothing else to do (if you have ever been in the ER, you know that it is not unlike… 75 more words


The Nerdist Wimp

Originally posted on 1-1-13 and moved here for mobile viewing.

(This post follows two previous posts called The Nerdist Way and Team Nerd, and… 1,502 more words


Team Nerd

Originally posted 11-1-12 and moved here for mobile viewing.

I am determined more than ever to enjoy my burrito. I hit a brick wall full face on this last week and slid like a bug down a windshield. 2,352 more words


The Nerdist Way

Originally posted on 10-3-12 and moved here for mobile viewing.

Chris Hardwick was right. It’s working.

I picked up Chris Hardwick’s book The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life) 2,192 more words


Pain is a disability too. #lupus

I have a guitar sitting in the corner of my room. It has a pretty thick layer of dust on it. I’ve left it sitting there as a reminder that I’ll be able to get back to it when my lupus is in remission. 1,156 more words

Mondays are always tough days, never getting enough sleep the night before because my brain won’t turn off long enough to rest. Today was no exception.   253 more words