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Pain, Suffering and the Atonement

The month of April seems to be flying by quickly for me. I’ve been suffering with very painful headaches related to my condition called pseudo tumor cerebri which may be related to my (SLE) lupus. 359 more words


Resting in Bed

He made me breakfast in bed. Well no not really, he made breakfast in the kitchen and brought it to me while I stayed in bed. 536 more words

The "Lack of Backbone" Club & Why I'm turning in my Card

I’ve written about self worth in some depth, both in my novels and blog posts. While this has been a very long journey, recently something came up that made me see how far I’ve yet to go. 864 more words

Drive By Life

I'm getting surgery today!

Hey guys! You’ve probably guessed from the title but… I’m getting surgery today! Okay, not really surgery, but it’s a procedure that’s going to put me out for three hours (yikes!). 344 more words


Knocked for a Lupus

LUPUS (LOO•puss, n.): A chronic autoimmune disease in which the body develops antibodies that react against its own normal tissue. More than 2 million people in the United States have the condition, more than cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined. 421 more words

Organ Donation

Oh Woe is Me.

It has taken me a while to fully realise it but, you know what, this year is and has been one of the toughest for a long time. 1,030 more words