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"Electronic Fishing"

This term may not be well known to some fisherman, but electronic fishing is fishing by relying almost exclusively using your fish finder. This technique is best used in the winter, but can be used anytime of the year. 226 more words

Top Lures For Early Season Pike

With spring, thoughts of hefty pike in shallow water dance through anglers’ heads. Fresh from the spawn, pike will be found in specific locations and can be caught with a variety of lures. 877 more words

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Spinner Baits For Pike

Spinner baits are an effective presentation for covering expanses of water looking for pike. Whether you’re working weed beds, shallow sand flats, or rocky reefs, these lures are sure to put fish in the boat. 777 more words

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                     Fishing with Surface Lures, Minnow Baits, Crankbaits & Creatures

The word “Plug” was used many years ago to describe a lure that was hand carved from a block of wood, but most modern-day plugs are made from hollow plastic or molded plastic. 1,877 more words

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Jigging For Pike In Spring

Jigs catch just about anything that swims, but excel with certain fish – northern pike being one of them. Jigs are an excellent bait to work along the bottom when pike are shallow in spring. 1,021 more words

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How To Use 3D Printing for Your Startup (Watch)

When you think of 3D Printing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably not fishing.

However, Kean Clifford is disrupting the fishing industry by using 3D Printing to create fishing lures. 54 more words

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Outdoor Show: Sat Jan 10

Captain Mickey and Captain Bennie are joined in studio by Will Kirkpatrick. The long time Sam Rayburn pro guide brings his years of fresh water experience to the show. 99 more words

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