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LUSH Review: King of Skin Body Butter

This bar is the perfect finish to a shower, it smells like white chocolate and gives you hydrated, silky soft skin all day

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase… 225 more words


What's in my travel toiletry bag?

At the moment I’m staying at my boyfriends parents house in Leicester (that’s why I’ve been a little m.i.a recently) and obviously I needed to bring a toiletry bag! 511 more words


Birthday Wishlist

I have never done a wish list on this blog, but since my birthday’s coming up and I seem to have spent a lot of time widow shopping online recently, I thought it was about time! 370 more words


Let's Face it!!

I must say I was sadly disappointed that winter was not kind to my face. You would think with less humidity, no perspiration, not a lot of dust or exhaust that my face would thrive right? 386 more words

Day 111: Watch tv in the bathtub

Today was my first day back to work after being away for the past three weeks. During my walk I kept thinking “I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this” but I somehow kept going.  94 more words

Hair types

Everyday people try to figure out what type of hair they have and what are good products for there hair. I have honestly the craziest wackiest hair out there it is super curly and just a jumbled mess really. 57 more words

High-end Makeup and Skincare Cambridge Haul!!

Had a fun day out shopping with my little sis Katie today and here are some of our purchases! (I say “our” but I only bought the M.A.C eyeshadow palette, she bought the rest ;) ) 489 more words