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get the fuck over it

don’t ever be the fucking moron who waits around after he tells you that he “isn’t ready for a relationship.”


the truth of the matter is that… 215 more words


Maybe I want to use you.
Though you are crippled and broken,
I am in mourning
of lack of touching,
blood rush.


You think you’re helping me; 108 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits


I have always seemed to have different views on love and sex than most others I have talked to. I have never been able too wrap my head around random acts of sex simply because of lust. 284 more words


Almost Friday

I’m not very good at thinking of a creative title to my posts. I would have said hump day but I think I used that one already. 637 more words

What To Do About The Porn Epidemic...Yes, Epidemic!

Pornography was once a thing that had to be sought after in order to be found. Those days are now long gone. Now, it finds you! 444 more words

My Ignorance Is Your Bliss

Would much rather be.

A place where I can’t be seen.

The simplicity of awe.

As we share the rise of dawn.

And delight in the fall of man. 17 more words