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LUV max pain $27.00 expiration Saturday 09/20/2014

The max pain strike for stock LUV and expiration Saturday 09/20/2014 is $27.00. Highest put open interest is 32.00. Highest call open interest is 35.00. Put-Call ration is 0.49. 12 more words

Walmart, Best Buy Reject Apple Pay

The list of banks, retailers and credit card issuers that will support Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently announced Apple Pay mobile payments is long and growing. 629 more words


Could Canada Be the Next Growth Market for Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) has been a changing carrier in recent years. It has resisted the urge to bilk its customers with endless fees, it has acquired AirTran, it has started flying outside of the continental United States and it has started to run into performance issues that historically were not the norm. 307 more words


Why Credit Suisse Sees Clear Skies Ahead for Airlines

The U.S. airline sector has undergone key changes since in the past decade. Airlines had a hard time remaining profitable throughout the whims of a business cycle, and new airline carrier entrants kept up pricing pressures. 429 more words


BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Who's Sorry Now? - Jose Hoebee

Eighties popstar Jose Hoebee, famous as one of the members of trio Luv is back with an amazing song that reminds you of the sixties. Well done this cover by Connie Francis!

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Frontier's $15 Fares and Airline Profits

Former American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) CEO Bob Crandall used to say that the airline industry was the only one in which the worst-run companies set prices. 350 more words


Southwest's Refreshed Brand Image Signals More Than You Think

Talk to any designer after a few drinks, and the usual story will come up, that “design is cyclical and everything that we see now has been seen before”. 863 more words