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Soul Mates Gone

Excuse me Bloggers, my post # 20 never made it to any Share with’, been trying to republish it, I’ll stop now.

This story below isn’t about Robin Williams, this pic has to do with how my soul mate left our planet. 395 more words


True Love is Rare

You have to love yourself before the possibility of any other’s being loved by you.

Not only will your true glory be exposed but, … 63 more words


Two Personalities Ignite 7

I’ll be using my GrandFather who inspired me in so many ways as a child when I got to visit him. He and his wife, my Grandma were the most passionate couple/people I ever had the fortune to be amongst. 249 more words


Insiders Sold Shares of High-Profile Companies This Week

With the surging stock market in rally and holiday mode this past week, the pace and volume dropped to the usual levels expected as summer comes to a close. 527 more words


Not Out Just For Your Body 29

Too many people are golddiggers and sexual phenetics (there’s nothing wrong with mutual sex in bed amongst adult couples.)
Don’t you think it’s rather important for couples to truly love each other, understand each other, help each other out, who miss and call each other between hours just to see how ones’ doing? 20 more words


The Risks to Travel Sites: Providers No Longer Allow Price Comparisons

The online travel business is both one of the oldest e-commerce sectors and one of its better growing sectors as well. In the United States, online travel sales totaled $111 billion in 2013, up from $103 billion in 2012 and more than double in 10 years. 282 more words


Artist Spotlight: Drowners

My affair with Drowners started in a funny way. I found one post in my news feed about them – an introductory piece to the band that Harry Styles liked (in short, he tweets lyrics of their songs much like he did with… 386 more words

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