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Valentine's Mini Boutique

So with a long weekend stretching out ahead of me, I apply myself to the very exciting task of creating yet more luxurious delights for my mini Valentines Day Boutique. 29 more words


Going off the grid.

Off the grid: Not being connected to a grid. Autonomous. Not relying on municipal water supply, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, communication systems or similar utility services. 475 more words


Escape Escape Escape!

Downtown. It’s were all the luxuries are. One simply doesn’t window shop. If you do, we know who you are; you’re the poor, the down trodden, the ones that can only dream, not do, the ones where the glass is half empty, not full, where one can think of an idea, but not bring it to fulfillment. 211 more words

Writing Prompts

Takeoff and Landing

Don’t misunderstand me, I am awed by modern technology an how far we have some since our parents were our age, even more so still since their parents time. 1,418 more words

Life Update

Quantity of Life V's Quality


Now that Im in my 40’s .. I think I  am definitely drawn to a more  ‘ Quality ‘ of life than ‘ Quantity ‘ . 410 more words

Its Just My Opinion

My Botswana, My Store

I’ve been searching for an artful way to talk about some of the difference between my life here in Botswana and my life back in the United States. 1,384 more words

Peace Corps

Richly Blessed!

Somehow, even though it is only the seventh of the month I have already received sms’s and emails from my bank telling me I need to deposit some cash ASAP. 508 more words