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Throwback Thursday

We say it a lot, and I’ve always known its true. But you never actually realize until you’re without one of those luxuries.

For me, right now, it’s my fancy smartphone. 449 more words


Necessties v/s Luxuries

Recently I received a forwarded email. Author put forward the popular view about Necessities v/s wasteful Luxuries. I didn’t agree with him. Below are the excerpts followed by my reply. 244 more words


Living The Luxurious Life

Luxury is one word that I don’t identify myself or my belongings with very often.  Then again luxury has a different meaning to everyone.  My husband and I do not live an extravagant lifestyle.  106 more words

When an infograph ruins your day.


A depressing infograph for your morning:

Apparently, employers are more likely to hire a criminal than the long-term unemployed.
So I’d better get a hitch in my get-along. 1,072 more words

A Real Life "Gossip Girl"

For all of you Upper East Sider’s out there (or the general fans of the show), how would you feel to be among the elite? To have a driver at your service with the hit of a button. 472 more words

Living a Life of Luxury

The word ‘luxury’ conjures up different images for different people. Personally, I used to think of luxury as going to a day spa, travelling, spending copious amounts of money on delicious and expensive foods, going to Gold Class cinema (still on my bucket list), laying on a beach in a hammock reading a book and drinking a fresh coconut… Wahhh take me back to my honeymoon! 1,261 more words

Most Wanted Tumblers

Available in the U.S. for the first time ever—Lobmeyr’s Oriental Tumblers. These tumblers are modeled after designs the Austrian crystal and lighting manufacturer originally produced in 1898, when a craze for Asian and Middle Eastern goods reached Europe by way of the Suez Canal. All are hand-painted.  

Source: Archdigest