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At the cost of your health...

I LOVE eating out. Really love it. So much. And I take every opportunity I get to venture out to a new restaurant, an old one, or even one that wouldn’t usually pick. 404 more words

You have to live it to leave it!

A frustrated man always says I want to leave all these Maya (All kind of luxuries and comforts), he says so, but what he needs to leave is his “ritual world with so called boundaries in the name of traditions”. 503 more words

Little Luxuries

Little luxuries

From damp trees in autumn –

These medieval breaths


This poem was written for Heeding Haiku With HA: The Art of Breathing… 39 more words



We dream of luxuries and comforts,
And what we need to do to grasp
The things that seem an inch away.
But as we step that inch closer, 77 more words

Alexandra Harkness

Sleep is for the weak

You know what’s great? “Dirty Dancing” while doing paperwork. You know what’s better than great? Sleep. But sleep is a luxury and I’m teaching myself to do without the finer things in life.

The Crumpett Files

Luxurious Kitchen Designers CastleHill

Have you as of late settled on the choice to experience a kitchen remodel? Before you begin, you may be pondering what a portion of the current patterns in kitchen configuration are so you can verify your redesign consolidates some of these up-to-the-moment thoughts. 416 more words


Bear with a sore head

Section 117 is being reduced to the bare necessities of life

Granting himself the luxury of tea and crumpets in the staff common room, he was aware that the plush chairs, the gilded ceiling and his beloved view of the park were soon to be but a memory of the past. 482 more words

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