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Splurging! Mascara + scallops

The last few days I’ve really been on a spending splurge.  My monthly budget for discretionary spending (including groceries) is $750.  I usually do a pretty good job of staying within my limits, but in the last few days I’ve purchased so many luxuries! 79 more words



Engaging in purposeful, rewarding manual labor is a luxury.

Financial Freedom

After moving to this new place, we all were thoroughly enjoying our lives. This place was nice, airy and brand new with nice views. Although the rent was high, we were in a position to afford it. 273 more words

Year 2011

Why It's important to do what you love

I often find that people look at the wrong things when it comes to work. In a lot of cases people are involved in a job that just does not make them happy. 475 more words

My Thoughts

Favorite Things: Mary Green Silk Eye Masks

Sometimes little luxuries make life sweeter. Silk eye masks are one such luxury. They block out light that may hamper restful sleep, and the ritual of putting on an eye mask may act as a signal to your body that it is time to sleep. 202 more words


9 things I miss most about the States

My goal in coming to Kenya this first year of marriage was to get to know my husband’s culture and to learn firsthand how to understand some of the cultural expectations he might have that I could not have otherwise grasped. 828 more words