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Philo's Self-Interpretation


There is no surprise that Philo reads God’s commandment to Abraham in Gn 12 allegorically. As with all allegorical readers, some confusion remains unclarified regarding the status of the peshat, once the instructive allegory has been accomplished: did God speak these words to Abraham at a certain point in history, and intended him to leave his country, homeland and father’s house, or is it only allegorical? 385 more words


Wordplay in Genesis 11:9

Many are familiar with the story of Babel. After the flood, a group of prideful city folks try to build a city and a tower that reaches the heavens. 309 more words


LXX Translation Difficulties in Genesis 5:2

This morning I was reading through Genesis 4–5 in the LXX and noticed something small that I thought I might point out. Here is the quotation with the relevant portions bolded: 384 more words


Important Studies of Kinship-terms and Forms of Address

Through reading the recently-published thesis of one of our PhD students, I’ve learned of a body of important studies on terms used in the NT by Professor Eleanor Dickey.   653 more words

YHWH in the Septuagint

Further to my earlier postings and the (many!) comments elicited, especially those about the use of “kyrios” in the LXX, I point readers to an excellent essay by John Wevers: 737 more words

The Old Testament: Hebrew and Greek (History of the Bible, part 5)

Last week I discussed the separation of Old and New Testament, or rather the lack thereof, the divisions in the Old and New Testament, and the creation of the Canon. 616 more words

The History Of The Bible: There And Back Again