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A Werewolf...

A pic from a favourite childhood book, “Mysteries of the Unknown”


Wild Hunt ǽrra ġéola

Dear Family,

The 20th of December in the Eve of Yuledite we Hunt once more as the Dark Sun Arises.

Darkness has covered the lands with its mantle…

132 more words

Black Orchid Family Feast Event

Dear Family,

I would like to thank Queen Sian Nansen for letting me create the Family Feast, Council Member Daisy for overseeing the preparation of the event, Guardian Enkil Nansen for writing the rules, Elder MikD2 Nansen for making the sky box for the event, last but not least the family members that attended and shared their blood and lumens. 14 more words

The Rise of the Silver White Lycan

As the dark-haired young woman walked into the dark forest, the shadows clambering slowly around her when the fair call of a barn owl rended in the dead silence of the night.  294 more words

My Journal

Andy: A Bloodlines Beginning

I’m Andy and I’m a fierce Lycan. I spent most of my 500 years or so of existence wondering around and eating people. But then I dropped through this weird multi-drop-through thing and I found myself in secondlife. 212 more words

Second Life

Dota 2 Lycan Version 2

Making Lycan in wolf form is still easier than human form. I put more emphasis on the from legs and head than the back legs. This version captures his form much better than the previous version. 41 more words


Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley

These books are so funny! And they are certainly unique. Vampires in Oklahoma? That’s not something you hear everyday. So far this is my favorite book in the series. 154 more words