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Breukelen Heart Beats

Lycans and Werewolves, a lot of people who don’t know better would tell you they are one and the same. But in my world of werewolves and the paranormal that is our culture, I can tell you, the two are different. 836 more words

Werewolf World

My first Chapter

I have decided to be brave and post my first chapter of the Paranormal Romance novel  I have been working on.

At some point I am going to have to prise open my grubby little fists and let the pages loose, so it may as well be now. 37 more words



“Werewolves of London again
Draw blood”

– Warren Zevon


The Lycan

I’m so hungry,
I have been locked away.
In this dungeon.
Where I stay all day.

I did it myself.
Not for crime.
But to protect you. 112 more words

Art And Projects

Doubly Cursed Hybrids

Many of you have asked about hybridism in our family. It is the blending of vampire and lycan stock to produce our elite cast of doubly-cursed for they suffer from midnight draining of both vital blood and lumens each Second Life midnight. 115 more words

Nosferatu En Sanguine

Riled Beasts!

It all started with one kidnapping and ended up quite the fiasco!

Rumors say that one of the guards of Stormess was kidnapped! Led by some mysterious ebon haired maiden. 282 more words

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