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Werepups? What Pups?

Move over baby dolls, there’s a new fiend on the block, and it is for grown ups only.

Welcome back to the blog, everyone! Today I thought I would shine the spotlight on an interesting “prop” of sorts that is in the spirit of the ghoulish festivities that commence during the month of October. 902 more words


The middle and end bit. Sketched out:)


Torrid Little Life

Well this is an unexpected development in my already complicated werewolf life.

Lovers will love you, even if it means making a mess of things. 650 more words

Werewolf World

In The Flesh Freebie

I should quickly note that In The Flesh, a dark, edgy #mmromance #shifter story is now available not only as an online read but also as a #freeread download from  22 more words


This Lycan and I

Booker and I are fixated on one another.
Or more correctly, our wolf selves, are.

So how do I know if what I feel for this other wolf is real then? 477 more words

Werewolf World