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Manhattan Wolf

I feel the shaking again and I clench my fingers into the palms of my hands tightly, pressing them into me. Hoping to bleed.

I need to feel something very real right now, so I don’t let anger consume or cloud what I’m trying to figure out here, how and why Booker Parish and I are like…. 843 more words

Werewolf World

Lycanthropy The Good Old Days Part 24

Disturbing our practice.

Don’t treat me like practice.

Tell them sorry I have practice.

Practice chaos and disorder.

Click pic to practice. 

Practice colours.

Practice til later. 22 more words

Art Actions

Naked Run in The Woods

I was going for a hike in the woods when I was interrupted by a naked run coming down the hill through the trees at me. 266 more words


The Igloo Door Flap

Dreamt that I was an Eskimo living in igloos with my family in the northern arctic and we were beset by shapeshifters. The shapeshifters could take the form of my family, or the shape of wolves. 124 more words



                The Abyss had no need for Dan, tossing him down to the bright light below. The earth opened and swallowed his remains. He reemerged in a desert of crushed bone, letting the brilliant white specks sift through his fingers. 4,645 more words




Wereboars are humans who are able to transform themselves into a form combining human and boar features. Their tempers are as ugly as their features. 310 more words

Creatures Of Esperia

Dream 8/25/14: Shamanism and Lycanthropy

This dream was long and had a large degree of ‘mundane interaction.’ Most of the dream focused on my attendance on something akin to a conference/convention and a historical rendezvous, like the annual “Feast of the Hunter’s Moon,” in Lafayette, Indiana. 740 more words