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Storytime: The Curse

Lycanthropy is a complicated condition. And a varied one. I figured I’d take some time and talk about it, and how it applies to Rita Wulf specifically. 1,210 more words


A Howl And A Thanks To Sven.

My long awaited trek to see the 1931 Dracula on a big screen may have been a bust – and I mean a total bust – but things were redeemed (somewhat) later that night. 1,313 more words


In addition to being thoroughly documented in the MIR database, registered members of MIR’s isolation program are required to be tagged with the latest in tracking technology. 2,721 more words


The Wolfman, 1941

Lon Chaney Jr in title role. I love the Wolfman’s styling;)


The waxing of the first full moon of Autumn

Every ritual comes forth out of the heat of inspiration! It echoes over the years and amplifies through nature and loved ones; some living and some dead! 119 more words


Manhattan Wolf

I feel the shaking again and I clench my fingers into the palms of my hands tightly, pressing them into me. Hoping to bleed.

I need to feel something very real right now, so I don’t let anger consume or cloud what I’m trying to figure out here, how and why Booker Parish and I are like…. 843 more words

Werewolf World

Lycanthropy The Good Old Days Part 24

Disturbing our practice.

Don’t treat me like practice.

Tell them sorry I have practice.

Practice chaos and disorder.

Click pic to practice. 

Practice colours.

Practice til later. 22 more words

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