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His crippled body rose into the sky with the others. Dan gazed upon them and realized that he had been the only wolf to survive. Soon all he could see was death. 3,619 more words



Werewolves Will Wonder Wearily West When Woken in Winter.

Broken Babies

Love is a Camera

Inspired by the song by Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Ed Harcourt

I have a good view of the front door from here. Not that it opens much. 767 more words


The Transplant

The Transplant

by L. Stewart Marsden

Caution: this story contains mature content

Part I: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Rom drew the can close to his face and put the magnifying glass against it, moving it back and forth from the can until he could read the tiny print. 6,788 more words

Short Story


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March 28th - Lycanthropy

Lycanthropy – n 1: a delusion that one has become a wolf 2: the assumption of the form and characteristics of a wolf (as through witchcraft or magic) 165 more words


"Wer" has this film been all my life?

When i was very young, probably in the first grade, I came across a book examining the history and folklore surrounding Werewolves. For the life of me I cannot remember the title, but this was my first exposure to the Legends and Superstitions surrounding Werewolves, making them more than just Movie Monsters to me. 387 more words