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Lydia Harrell (hah-relle). It's my name. Get it right!

I don’t like confrontation. For most of my life, I avoided it. However, lately, I have been speaking up much more than ever before. Too many times in the past, I would just let things happen and just let it go. 389 more words


Wish I Could.......

The last week has been so exhausting and long, this is all I feel like doing…….If only…….More to come soon after I recharge!     Bless you all!


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Park City 2014.

Every Labor Day weekend, we head up to Park City with Greg’s extended family. We stay in condos and run around Park City all weekend. Our main priority is to get a apple pie carmel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory while we are up there. 199 more words


Surface (Lydia)

My mother loves Moroccan teacups but it’s always the same story each time she buys a set; the colors fade. “Will the colors go away?” is what she asks the vendor and he replies with “No, these are of good quality ma’am.” They were gorgeous and I inevitably admired the intricate design on them but it was obvious that they won’t last in that state. 226 more words


Disassembling Lydia (repost)

This is Lydia. Lydia is a character in the digital fantasy role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Fictionally, Lydia is a Housecarl, someone sworn to serve and protect the Thane, an honorary title granted by the reigning lord to a person of importance in a city or Hold. 550 more words

Creation Kit