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The color run.

Our next adventure we had while on our big family vacation was creating a color run for the kids.  A few of us had gone on a color run the week before and we kept all of our bags of chalk they gave us.   119 more words


onOptionsItemSelected, return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item) explaination

For onOptionsItemSelected method, this method would only be invoked if an item is clicked, right? If an item is clicked in that activity, but for some weird reason the programmer did not have the if statement to check for that item’s id, does return… 43 more words

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"Are you lost?" - SS

Scene setting – Greed Castle.

co-written with Dessy, Moo & Temp.

Temp:  Nami was just about to start pulling up the Chalice, but completely froze when she heard voices nearby. 1,181 more words


Flawed Education

One of the many things that is flawed with our educational system, is the attitude of our teachers. While our teachers are wonderful, I often hear snippets of things that really irritate me. 433 more words


Absalon not longer under single ownership!

An important looking letter had found it’s way into the Tribune Mailbox, written with blue ink on quality paper and stamped with the official seal of the Absalon Shipping & Trading Company. 37 more words


The Walking Dead Issue #135 Review

The Walking Dead Issue #135 is the third issue of Volume 23 and the caption for this one reads, “Face to face.”

This issue shows the repercussions of Carl’s beat down on those two boys who attacked Sophia. 379 more words


Tim Burton confirma BEETLEJUICE 2

Es cierto que Tim Burton y Michael Keaton tienen proyectos fuertes actualmente como Big Eyes y Birdman, pero cada vez que se sientan en una entrevista, la conversación rápidamente se va a la posibilidad de una secuela de… 150 more words