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A Thanksgiving Letter To My Daughter-Happy Birthday In Heaven

My Dearest Daughter,

Twelve years ago on Thanksgiving day, I brought you home for the first time.  Welcomed by family eagerly waiting with a big Thanksgiving dinner prepared, what a little blessing you were.   912 more words


Lydia swims 100 miles in less than 2 days into the core of a large anticyclone

Two days ago I reported that Lydia swam towards a large anticyclonic (clockwise rotating) eddy or meanders (see post here).  She approached this anticyclone and swam northeast along its periphery.   191 more words


Amor, Sexo y Madurez, por Lydia Cacho

ENTREVISTA | Lydia Cacho: el amor y el sexo en tiempos de la madurez

Por Mónica Maristain – noviembre 24 de 2014

La periodista y activista arroja luz en los temas de salud de la edad madura. 3,277 more words

Turkish delight - SS

Scene setting – Park

co-written with Krystal.

Krystal:  Maya nodded to the woman, taking note to call her as such, and when she winked at her, Maya smiled, though still feeling a little uncomfortable. 683 more words


CA3 Acrobalance- 21st Nov

Another great sequence, this time from Christy, Rebecca and Zanna. I particularly like the ending- a backward roll into dragon- as well as Lydia’s incredibly enthusiastic spotting! 48 more words


A quiet ride through the park - SS.

Scene setting – The Park

co-written with Krystal

Razorbackwriter: The pleasant sound of bells ringing merged delightful clip clop of a pony’s hooves as a small horse and buggy came into sight. 1,012 more words


RPC - The Demon of Ambition, Lydia Dominatus.

Lydia Dominatus from the Seven Sins RP.

Alias: Demon of Ambition

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Age: 222 short years

Quote : “Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate conspire… 434 more words