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College Classes

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending my sister, Mary’s, college level Shakespeare class. Even though I’m a freshman, I was at UT to help her move and she suggested that I sit in on her class. 186 more words


Linking Odd Things

I woke up this morning and my lips were as sore as the last time you kissed them, bright red and throbbing with the best kind of pain. 155 more words


Awkward. Is Back!

So, last night was the premiere of my favorite TV show, Awkward. It’s airs every Tuesday night at 10/9 central. *hint, hint*
Anyways, for anyone who has no idea what this show is about, please go watch it. 118 more words


Open my heart

Acts 16:14 The Lord opened her heart…

A closed heart.
A closed mind.
Closed eyes.

God cannot do much with an attitude like that. That person has already said no! 140 more words


Music Monday: Lydia & River City Extension

One thing I’ve loved since I was a teenager is going to live shows/concerts. Of course now I prefer to watch from further back and avoid the pit of tweens, but seeing a musician or band in person is such an ethereal experience. 199 more words



So, I woke up this morning with a ton of new blog followers and that kind of blows my mind that people would take time to follow me. 164 more words


A-Z: Lydia

We know very little about Lydia. We meet her in Acts 16, when Paul is in Philippi. He and his retinue wanted to meet with others to pray. 97 more words