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Five Fascinating Facts About Lying

By Chris Simmons

  1. The average person is exposed to approximately 200 lies every day. (Note: this includes white lies, lies of omission, deceptive advertising, and biased media coverage).
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Train Smoke by Black Bridge

Hey, look, I found some beer review notes in my Notes app on my iPad.  No doubt at some point I was going to flesh these out into an actual beer review.   149 more words


Enrique, the Highway Bandit

We had been walking around San Miguel de Allende on Good Friday. Cars had been excluded, and the streets were filled with happy strollers. When we got back to the car, on the north side, near Vía Orgánica—a good organic restaurant and produce market—and got in, the car’s engine did not catch, even though the battery was strong and the Honda CR-V had shown no sign of ailing. 2,290 more words

~ Mexico's Struggle For Democracy

"Yo Santa Fe! NYC Here. Ya Doin' It All Wrong! Ya Gotta Lie, Lie, Lie!"

This is my final post about the enchanted city of Santa Fe.

Easter Sunday is a big moneymaker for businesses that serve food. I think the big deal is called “Easter Brunch.” 533 more words


its been a while.

i haven’t been posting because i have been so dang busy. 

i was suppose to do this 30 days of blogging thing and on day 2 when i went to go blog about something i am passionate about i realized that it’s dumb. 599 more words

Daily Prompt: Showdown At Big Sky.

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach.

I’ve always kept my feelings regarding conflicts, inside me; for fear it would ruin friendships.

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Should Christians Lie?

Can Christians lie? Yes.

Are there extreme situations where lying may be preferable to telling the truth? Perhaps.

Should Christians lie? No.

The Scripture itself is pretty straight forward. 1,401 more words