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They were the best of times and they were the worst of times

So to begin this blog, I want to say that this is an outlet. I most definitely need one right now. I have exhausted all others and still can not find relief. 494 more words

20 Something

Applying For Jobs Is Organized Lying

I’ve been in line at the DMV. I’ve made small talk about the weather. I’ve even made small talk about the passage of time (no, I can’t believe it’s almost noon!) but in terms of utter despair, all this pales in comparison with job searching. 457 more words


Honesty:  n. being truthful and/or (without intentional fraudulent and/or deceptive behavior)

Honesty, telling the truth, or not lying is the best policy if you want a good reputation but that need not mean that you have to give honest answers to questions which are probing your private affairs. 266 more words

Common Sense

Martin Luther on the Ninth Commandment

This past weekend at Eastbrook, I spoke about the Ninth and Tenth Commandments from Exodus 20:16-17 in a message entitled “The Neighbor.” I came across an interesting quotation from Martin Luther about the Ninth Commandment: 172 more words

Books And Quotations

banking state

One guy lying in state in the lobby of his bank, having laughed so hard on the way to it that he passed away.


#116: Pants on Fire

I hate teaching
and I hate my students.
I’m terrible and
they’re terrible.
What they say
is true, that those
who can’t teach
end up teaching– 112 more words