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I’m sorrry
I’m so sorry.
I can’t be¬†what everyone wants
Nor what anyone expects.
Tonight I’m not strong
And I’m scared.
Tonight I’m alone… 108 more words


The Weekend Promise

Gaza. Syria. Lybia. Iraq. Egypt . Yemen.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure is, I write about strife and blood lust encompassing these nations for a living. 110 more words


Iggy helps out.


Hi, Iggy.

“Are you doing another post?”

I am. I have to provide links to five more bloggers, and I also have to choose the photos, edit them so they’re presentable, and – 386 more words


My Relationship with My Parents (Day 3)

Parents? The people who are suppose to love you no matter what, because they don’t really have a choice? Don’t they? Well that’s what I thought all my life. 375 more words

mediation of my own.

Kendra and I met for margaritas and chips and queso (not sorry) on Wednesday. We went to a neighborhood I don’t frequent so naturally I had to mix and mingle with the other patrons. 1,057 more words

Meta schadenfreude.

Life is full of surprises. That’s a mighty cliche that has kind of lost its meaning. Shortly after my shit show of a weekend ( 525 more words


I Lied About Not Missing You

At the age of 11, I discovered the beauty of lying to oneself.
My fallacies were those I told a little too often
That I started believing them myself. 97 more words