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The Discovery- Part 1 By Dan Erickson

“It’s cancer.” These are probably the two, most feared words in the English language, and as we heard them for the first time, all of the questions we had were answered, and new ones replaced them like a tidal wave. 646 more words


Road Trip

By the time we had our initial consultation at the OVC in Guelph, we had resigned ourselves to the worst case scenario, 3-6months. My husband didn’t have the heart to put him through more surgery, especially since lymph node removals may require breaking the dogs pelvis in order to access. 238 more words


Blissful ignorance

Kona’s chemo finished in March 2013 and thereafter every 3 months we would have a blood test done which checked for elevated levels of calcium. As well a manual exam plus ultrasound. 189 more words



I have never seriously contemplated seeing a plastic surgeon. This is not because I am completely satisfied with my body, there are many parts of me that I feel could be “improved.” However, I feel imperfections are part of what make us beautiful as people. 236 more words


Friday, December 5, 2014

I thought I would try out some of the classes at the YMCA tomorrow. They have a yoga class at 7:30. I am wondering if I stretch my left arm more, if the numbness will start to go away.  55 more words


My Prostate and Me - Part 5

Monday I had a meet with my consultant. We reviewed my notes, discussed my latest blood test and the current PSA levels which are still high. 511 more words



Yesterday I had my doctor’s appointment that actually turned into two.

I showed up about 30 minutes early for my appointment, as I was so jumpy and out of sorts, I couldn’t possibly sit waiting to go in. 538 more words