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Water and the health of your Lymphatic System?

Water and the health of your Lymphatic System?
Water is simply crucial to the Lymphatic System! Why? Because the Lymphatic System is about 96% water. Because water is at the center of human life – both inside and outside of us! 508 more words

Lymphatic Drainage

Kimber's third LNT... And Update

Kimber has been updating us regularly since her original Lymph Node Transfers last year in New York. Kimber has Primary Lymphedema in her legs and has lived with this since a child. 953 more words

Living With Lymphoedema

Singapore Lymph Node Transfer

One of the things I have enjoyed since starting this blog is “meeting” others via cyber space and social media. I receive many emails from those thinking of surgery, or those having surgery, many ask questions and others tell me of their experience. 1,477 more words

Living With Lymphoedema

#20: May I introduce Ned?

Yesterday, my mom reminded me of the importance of today. Upon hearing my official diagnosis, Ned and I were officially divorced more than a year ago. 638 more words

The Backstory

There are many people who recently started following my story. I guess when friends start sharing about how they know someone who is dealing with a leg amputation, people become curious and want to learn more! 1,218 more words


Friday, December 5, 2014

I thought I would try out some of the classes at the YMCA tomorrow. They have a yoga class at 7:30. I am wondering if I stretch my left arm more, if the numbness will start to go away.  55 more words


Weary legs...

I have been searching Internet forums to see how long the heavy legs last….
The forum below was useful, but just confirmed that I’m not alone. 302 more words