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What The Video Does Not Show--By Brian

This is Brian Phillips, Kristina’s husband.
I am by no means as beautiful a writer as Kristina is, so please bear with me….

I cannot explain in words how proud I am of Kristina and Holden!! 791 more words



Before walking became a “cool” exercise, my parents were all about going walking. I remember summer evenings marching around our huge back yard with Mom, Dad, and my brother for several laps multiple days every week. 1,112 more words


The Dude Hates Cancer


Steve Highsmith interviewed Lauren Mallik, Donor Development and Special Events Manager for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, and Helen Chung, Chair of the September fundraising event called, “The Dude Hates Cancer.”

In Focus

Sent home 8-20-14

Quick note to say I was released from the hospital this evening. My platelets are responding too slowly for the round of chemo due to begin yesterday/today. 27 more words


Mt. St. Helens Climb

Here is a little iMovie I made.  I think it captures the whole experience pretty well….I really hope you like it, and that whatever your “mountain” is—go climb it.   24 more words


Kiss My Ash

I have so much so say about the climb—but today will be spent in bed recovering…and maybe tomorrow too, and the next day.

I’m also working on one of my little iMovies to try and capture the experience. 235 more words


From Well to Hell

The picture doesn’t have much to add to this post, except that I use a metaphor on windows to talk about interactions in the soul. Seems I stand on one side of a window and can peer into “well” or look outside and see “hell.” Or is it the other way around? 199 more words