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Going home: day +12

Today is Sunday, November 23, 2014. After spending 20 days in the hospital for a stem cell transplant where I received my own stem cells, I am finally going to go home. 287 more words


Overdue ramblings à la carte

It has been 116 days since I last posted a real update. The four intervening months have been eventful and there has been plenty of news to share along the way, but with the end of summer and the resumption of school and work for all of us in the Hale household, I simply haven’t found the time and emotional energy it takes for me to write. 2,371 more words

Brave Heart update on Sendra

Sendra is battling lymphoma. She has undergone several chemo treatments. She has several doctors appointments and test every week battling to keep her white cell counts up. 144 more words


Outing Tony the Tumor - the prequel

One of the most common question I get from folks upon making the dreaded C-word announcement is simple “How did you know?” Welp, let’s go back to before I became a walking biohazard. 1,942 more words


Hello; it's been a while.....

Somehow writing hasn’t been such an imperative for the last couple of weeks; we have had my mother’s birthday, an emotional, missing, but ultimately ok day with everyone being nice to everyone. 520 more words

Watch this space......

I have a very important date with my Nanna today, making the elf, sewing machine and tea at the ready. I will have an update and a completed elf by the end of the day xxxx

More photos from the new house and splenic update.

Hello all,

No symptoms of Splenic Lymphoma, so all good (until the next blood test.) I am also running a 5k with my co-workers at Nutbourne (www.nutbourne.com). 353 more words