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So yesterday I was in Chicago celebrating my birthday with my (wonderful and incredibly amazing) boyfriend and we decided to go on a run. 241 more words

A Year of Remission

The day began with a visit to the University of Wisconsin Hospital Cancer Clinic Lab where an IV needle was inserted inside my arm at the elbow bend. 572 more words


Thou Shalt Not Touch

I spoke with two transplant nurses on Friday. We covered many topics related to stem cell transplant. Let the fun begin. I declared my desire to have it done at MD Anderson since they do a great number more than anyone else and might be better suited to handle a complex case like mine. 392 more words


A Symbolic Moment

There are things we can’t control in life. Having cancer certainly ranks up there. The inevitable hair loss certainly rates. Loss of control isn’t easy.  Symbolic moments crystalize key events in life. 300 more words


Getting Started and Saying Hello

The first post is always the hardest I think.  The introductory post.  The show of who I am and what this blog is to anyone who might be reading.   582 more words

Aerial Silks


It looks like I have a 2nd birthday! :-) 7-17-2014. I found out this afternoon that there is “no evidence of residual lymphoma” in my neck, chest, abdomen, spleen, pelvis, and nothing that lit up in my bone marrow. 132 more words


A Beautiful Day

This morning I had my PET scan.  It was fine.  They put you in a tiny room about the size of a closet and have you sit in a recliner.   589 more words